Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

Hello, cover up your panty please... 

Wearing her jiejie's clothes & she love wearing accessories!! Like mother like daughter, VAINPOT!

Dined here before years ago, with XS & hamster! Decided to go there with Ling & the kiddos since I've exceeded my monthly quota (Cheryl's hens night @ end of this month!) and I can't go out alone (with friends but without the kids) this month liao! 

The reason why I choose this place is cos there's a mini playground inside the restaurant. When the kids have their own entertainment, we're able to eat longer!! But this Raeann ah, 'daiji liao liao', made me walk here & there. Sigh

Take photo first before we start eating!!! ^.^

开动了!!! These are ONLY the appetisers, mind you! And it's free of charge by the way!!! 

Kimchi soup! 

Seafood pancake!

Boiled eggs for the kids! 

They will cook the meat...

And cut into small pieces for you! We need not do anything at all, except eat! And they serve the food really really fast! Like less than 5 minutes after we ordered! 

The 3 September babies! Yeah, had to meet her cos her birthday's coming soon, one day before Meimei's.

Love this Korean tea!!

Complimentary desserts! The white drink (they said is rice tea), is damn nice! 

Was given this rice wine as a gift!

After the GST & service charge, total bill cost about $108, I think is worth it lah, their portions are damn huge! Enough for 4-5 average eater ladies! This is the most authentic Korean BBQ (in SG) I've ever eat before! Will definitely go there again! 

P/S : They closed at 3pm and reopen at 6pm for dinner! (All the service staffs are mad friendly yo!)

Address : #01-18, 27 West Coast Highway
Tel : 6464 0872

Next, we went to JEM again, and hor, NO JAM AGAIN! I got a parking lot very fast & very near the lift/escalator! I said I'm damn lucky liao! Lol

Yes, we were damn full but cos I need to sit down as Meimei kept wanting me to carry her, so we settled for some desserts at a HK cafe. 

Forever so cheeky! 

Suddenly so love! 

Bought 2 cute pens from Smiggles @ $1 each! Very nice to write too! 

She bought birthday presents for the kiddos, thank you girl! Hope you'll like what I've prepared for you too! :) Happy Birthday to you with many happy returns. Stay happy always! Hugz!

Really enjoyed the lunch even though the two rascals were so troublesome today! They made us so tired & sleepy lor! Kept yawning & yawning away, lolol! 

Back (& showered) from the lantern festival celebration at my house's park & I'm dead dead tired now! Good night all! Nephew's wedding tomorrow! ZY's the driver and he's gonna leave the house at 3+am!! 


P/S : Should anyone wish to engage a driver + car on your big day, feel free to contact me becos my husband decided to go into this service. I'm not joking! 

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