Sunday, September 15, 2013

Heyi's Wedding ♥ 15th September 2013

Venue : Amara Singapore

Well, I became an aunt at a very young age, me & my cousins' age gap are quite huge, all becos one of my aunt married real young, at 18!

So, today is my nephew's big day! If I'm not wrong, he's 26 this year! If they have kids, I'll be the kid's grand aunt, omg, sounds damn old can! 

This is my #lotd! Very long never do such thick & full makeup already! Anyhow blew the hair myself cos in a rush liao (Raeann refused to wake up from her nap lah). Decided not to clip up my hair in the end. 

(It's just a shadow, I did not over-shade! I started to appreciate my fat face now becos skinny face looks old and haggard! #truestory)

With my two girls!! I tried to make myself look as less formal as possible!


D.I.Y candy buffet, simple & nice! 

Only occasion like this, then we're able to see ALL the relatives! Nice! So glad I attended! So happy to see all of them!

Love my dress! :)

Walao eh, he's so troublesome lor! Keep complaining & asking me to re-take cos need to take his full face & hair! (Probably his double chin as well! Oops!)

Oh yah, loving my $10 shoes I bought from Korea so muchie too! Matches my dress so well! 终于派上用场了! Never regret lugging it back! 

Fooling around! 

Yummmmmm Seng! 

Went to the ladies and was being approached to take this instant print! :) 

When you're the youngest, you will get all your wishes! Balloon & more balloons! 

Handsome bro & very happy little girl! 

Kids grow up fast, all the old folks are aging fast as well! May all of them stay healthy! 

Lastly, wishing this pair of newly wed a happy & blissful marriage! ^.^ 


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