Friday, September 13, 2013

Shopping @ JEM

2nd visit to JEM just now (after work), brought Raeann to buy her shoes for this coming Sunday nephew's wedding dinner!

Guess what? NO JAM AT ALL & I got a parking lot immediately! Nah, there was no fire, I'm just plain lucky, lolol!

Not gonna dress them too 夸张 for the dinner even though my mum asked me to. I think it's damn weird cos we're only distant relatives (cousin's son)! 

Bought the similar pair of sandals (that Meimei has) from H&M for her! Then she wanted to buy another pair of high cut sneakers! It's cheap though, think $17.90 only! 

Quite nice lah, but very boy lor. Asked her to get the blink blink colour, she said that's too girly! But hello? She's a girl what! 

She love it, she said it's her favourite pair of shoes now & she's so damn happy! She wore it immediately cos her slipper broke! Good timing hor! 

My shopping kaki helping me with shopping bags! Her shoes can't be seen clearly in this photo cos I'm not taking photo of her shoes lah! 

Now that she knows how to shop for her own stuffs already, my wallet really bleed lor! Just two hours in JEM & $100++ gone, can't imagine if I stayed longer... No money cannot even step out of the house!!! 

But to be honest lah, I seldom bring them go shopping! Even me, myself also seldom shop outside now, I settle almost everything online! 

As usual, I bought alot of food home!!! Pancakes lah, rice balls 豆花 lah, one whole BBQ honey chicken lah & breads! Heeheehee 

This bakery shop caught my eyes! Small but attractive bakes they have!

Bought these two "most popular" breads home! (The Aunty very friendly!) 

I haven eat yet cos I'm damn bloody full liao! Gobbled down all the pancakes cos nobody wanna eat! I bought 4, ate 2, I wanna die liao! Haha 

And oh, the husband brought Meimei to JP cos I asked him to help me pick her! And then... ONE MORE CARE BEAR CAME HOME TOGETHER TOO! Sigh  

Sidetrack : Some of their funny conversation...  

1) Raeann was watching some war show with ZY... 

Raeann : Papa, 为什么以前的男人都留长头发? 
ZY : (I forgot what he replied!) 
Raeann : Then 爷爷 (my FIL) 以前也是长头发的啊? 

My mind automatically pictured my FIL with long hair, lolol! 

2) Raeann searching for panty... 

Raeann : mummy, 我破产了啦, 我没有 panty 穿! 
Meimei : Jiejie panty 破啊? (With a serious blur look!) 

Hahaha! Why my daughters so full of craps?! Gene mah? 

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