Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raeann's new playhouse!

Brought the kids to PY's house this morning as the kids have been asking and asking about it. And know what?

Raeann wanted to stay over there alone! Omg, my daughter grow up too fast! Haha! We tried ways and means to "cheat" her to come home with us, but she insisted to stay, so yeah, she's there now! 

She's quite sut as it's her first time there! We refused at first cos we're worried she will trouble PY & K lah! But Alexis told ZY when he went to pick us up, "Raeann papa, please let Raeann stay here". Omg, such a sweetie, how to reject?! 

So we left her there lah and joined thy family for laksa steamboat! :) 

P/S : Really thankful to the husband cos he sent us there & picked us home. He said he's a good hubby & daddy to do that! At times lidat, I can't deny that he is lah! Heehee

PY cooked these for us! Yum yum! Sigh, I'm supposed to be on diet!! Haiz...

Poor parrot, they're using tools to fix it, lolol! Kinda fun watching them do & talk craps! Haha

Noon time fix! This cured my headache from last night's beer! =X

PY's colls brought their kids there too! Crazy playtime for the kiddos! Woohoo! Alexis must be very very happy! So are all the kids! 

Then we brought them to the playground downstairs...

While we enjoyed ice cream waffles at the cafe next to the playground! 

Yummmmmyyyy! Really like the location where PY is staying now, everything's so convenient! Market, kopitiams, hawker, manicure salons etc etc, all within walking distant, just downstairs in fact! But it's sooooo far from Jurong!!! 

Lolol, saw this! Kanasai? Lolol! 

The two youngest! She's older than Meimei by one year! The older kids casted them out! Anyway, Meimei was so cranky after 5pm cos she refused to nap at all! And she finally KO ard 6+pm after I forced her to! 

The kids danced, played & ki siao-ed together, so noisy & cute lah! Took plenty of videos but I don't know how to upload using phone! 

Whatsapping with PY now, she's updating me about the two kiddos!

She said she can rest cos Alexis never 烦 her, Alexis told her not to bother them instead, lolol! Too funny! 

Aiyoyo, bro & sil buying rochor 豆花油条 back now! TSK, I'm supposed to be on diet!!! Ah doiu... So fatty bom bom now! Hur hur hur!

From last night's beery session! Very impromptu, I swear! Ended my meeting early & my mum helped me to pick the kids so I decided to join them for awhile! 

So funny! JJ thought this is calamaries from the photo menu so she ordered it! But it turned out to be pork liver! OMG, how much I hate pork liver! Nobody wanna eat this too! 

End up, we have to play dices & games, loser have to eat a piece! 好难吞啊! 

If someone were to say my life's so good now, oh yes, I admit, it is!!! 

That's cos I stopped mixing with negative people, stopped complaining, started to appreciate & be thankful for every little things in my life! 

Positive, positive, positive! 

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