Thursday, September 5, 2013

Raeann's 6th Birthday ~ Pre-celebration @ PCF

Part I :: Goodie Bags

Stationery + some party favors! 

Raeann requested to have treasure chest, can guess what's her cake theme?

Added in some snacks as well...

Kiasu much, lolol!

Not alot of stuffs inside but costed quite an amount liao! Luckily she only has 18 classmates, lol!

Feedback from Raeann : All her classmates LOVE the goodie bag ttm, they were totally excited about receiving it. Felt great to hear that! Never waste my effort & $$! Damn siong cos I've to pay and do everything myself, twice! But I quite enjoy doing all these craps, I think I'm mad. 

And oh, ALL her teachers love the customized pencil case so much, they asked Raeann to ask me where did I buy! Raeann asked me to do it for them as well, I told her it's not cheap wor, is she going to pay for it? She said, "of cos, I'm so generous!" -.-" Her money also our money what!!! 

Part II :: Cake

Rushed till 脸清清 to her school after collecting this cake cos ZY's work cropped up. I quite like Taz when I was young! So cute right! She wanted Pororo at first but insisted on the Treasure Chest box, so not matching I felt?

Party Time

Her favorite teacher, she's really nice! Gonna develop this photo for her for keepsake! :)

I wonder why the father and daughter always have the same smile in almost every photos? If you noticed... It's like when ZY shows his teeth, Raeann will shows her too. This photo above, both never show teeth, lolol. 

The girl sitting next to Raeann is celebrating her birthday today too! Saw her mum packing goodie bags at the void deck when we arrived. She said it's a very last minute plan! She even forget that she forgot to bring plates and forks for her cake, I offered her the leftovers I brought. 

All becos we want our kids to be happy.

 Just a smile from them, everything's worthwhile! 

In another two months or so, she's going to end her 3 years journey in this school. Hope she don't gets too emo, lol. All the best to her primary school's journey! We love you, darling! <3

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