Thursday, September 12, 2013

Raeann's 6th Birthday :: Barbie Live! Show


My little angel!

It's her 6th birthday today!

Happy Birthday my dear! Hope you enjoyed all the parties and activities I've planned/arranged for you. Please cherish all your presents! 

"Be brave. Be strong. Be yourself." 

I want to dedicate this quote from Barbie Live! to her!

Meimei : "Mummy, 你看我们两个!"

Traffic jam due to accident, luckily I gave allowance to my time and we reached there punctually. I never like to be late, no matter for what function/event/meet-up. 

Mine, Raeann's & Raechelle's. I didn't expect they will give us the seats so near to the stage! 6th row from the stage & in the center somemore! ^.^

Raeann : Thank you for the "birthday gift".

If you didn't notice yet, she's wearing Barbie apparels & a funny hat from Daiso. I don't know why she likes to dress herself so weird everytime, lol. I'm referring to her hat. 

Her little bunny clip dropped - lost! :(

Alright, I know no photography is allowed. But I saw people taking photos leh, then I also took out my phone to take. But when I was trying to focus, somewhere came a voice, "sorry miss, no photography allowed". Aiya, why only/always catch me??? LOL

I had a hard time to 偷拍 becos we were very near the stage and there were so many pairs of eyes watching over us! Well, I've NO INTENTION to take photos/videos of the show at all, only want to take photos of my kids. 

But I know I'm at fault lah, cos the moment I stepped into the theater, someone reminded me not to take any photo, I already know it actually. But I saw someone doing so and I thought it's okay to take some photos before the show starts/during intermission. I was wrong! Photography is TOTALLY NOT ALLOWED the moment you stepped into the theater. 

This is what stated on the booking website! I got do my research one hor, in order not to give any wrong infos on my blog!!!

But seriously hor, I like the show leh. They taught alot of meaningful things actually. Go watch it yourself and you will know what I mean. Even the never-like-Barbie-Dolls-before Raeann can be so engrossed throughout the whole show lor. (Secret : She said she started to like Barbie now, lolol.)

And, I LOVE ALL THEIR APPARELS AND SHOES. Damn pretty can!!! Want to buy that pair of gold heels leh, but don't know from where!!! 

She bought a book and said, "Mummy, let's go and buy your thing & we go back home cook eggs to eat lah, I don't want to eat here". (I was searching for a place to settle our lunch!)

Me : "Huh? Why? It's lunch already, you all need to eat, eat liao then go back lor".

Raeann : "I don't want to waste your $$$!"

Listen liao very song hor, but it's not true. She just can't wait to go home and open her book! -.-" (I spotted her!)

Spot the angel wings!

Here for our lunch!

This book cost $15.00! Yay or nay, I've no comment. But it's her birthday & I promised to buy ONE thing for her, she chosen this, so I didn't object! (Usually, I'll say no cos it's not worth it lor & she has plenty of such books!) 

 Everything in MBS are expensive, I must say! 

To be honest, I don't really like to go MBS. Beside the freaking (surrounding) ERP charges, the bloody carpark costed $13!!! WTH!  

After lunch, I did something fatal to my pocket impulsively...

I know I've said this before, "I don't know what's the craze over Pandora, I won't buy it cos it's too expensive."


I've officially joined the Pandora gang!!! In fact, I was already secretly aiming for it since 2 months ago!

Spend $350 & above to receive a free Pandora compact mirror and I've got that mirror, don't ask me how much I spent!

A catalog with prices on it, so nice! I can refer to it and start aiming for other charms now!

Anyone wanna sponsor me some charms? =X

No shopping for the next 6 months! 

I'm just kidding...


  1. Happy Birthday Raeann! 快高长大,身体健康,学业进步!

  2. haha joanne! didnt raeann stop you from shopping? like, "mummy! it's my birthday, not yours!" LOL!

    1. Noooo... She was there helping me to entertain her sister!!! So nice hor!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your big princess..
    身体健康 快高长大 ^^


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