Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sick + Chao ta!

This short staycation should be the most fun, most budget, most crazy & the most tired one.

Everyone's happy, especially the kids, Meimei has been laughing non stop since we stepped in here! 

But I'M SUPER SICK NOW! Got slightly better yesterday actually, went for a swim and beer, then it got worse. Took medicine & woke up better the next day, then went swimming and beer again, lolol. 我自找的! 

But well, what's fun without some beer right??? 

PY & Alexis came today (they bought birthday presents for the kiddos), had some fun in the swimming pool (two days under the hot sun, all of us are chao ta now) then went to the boring S.E.A Aquarium. I think is boring, and crowded, even though no queue at all at the entrance. Totally not worth $38? (Child $28) It's just like another Under Waterworld, albeit a bigger one! But the idea of squeezing through crowds to take photos just turned me off. And maybe, I was sick & tired too! 

Candid shot by PY! Pardon my very rough position. This is me, I'm very chor lor one, not gentle at all, haha! Not that all my friends don't know! 

Look at my two toned skin! Gosh, didn't realise at all until I saw this photo! I'll only turn RED, really like cooked lobster kind of red. This is not the worst actually. I tried to tan myself when I was around 17 years old, but failed. (Cos I felt tan will make me look slimmer & tone?) 

XS & hamster came to join us for dinner & gave the two kids angbao! So paiseh!!

I don't want to do a party for the kids cos I don't want my friends to waste money to buy presents or give angbaos! 

Merely asking them to bring their kiddos to come and play so that the kids won't bother us when they have friends to play with. And we can have some catch up!

Anyway, Alexis stayed here with us, sleeping with Raeann now! 

I'm so tired liao! I need to bathe and KO too! Nights all! :) 

P/S : Just made plan with XS and they're coming to my place tomorrow evening to have a small party! ^.^ 


  1. I agree that the SEA Aquarium is boring!! Really likr another underwater world! Really nt worth the price. Luckily that time i go is because of my hubby company trip. Company paid for the tix. Adventure cove is much more fun!

    1. Precisely!!! Don't know what's the long queue hoo-ha about lor. So boring inside.


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