Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Staycation Sept' 2013 ♥ Hard Rock Hotel RWS

Date : 20th - 22nd September 2013

A brief summary of what we did!

20th September 2013
  • Noon - Swim + Beer by the Pool
  • Evening - Dinner @ Singapore Seafood Republic ($88 Groupon deal - 2 thumbs up!)
21st September 2013
  • Morning - Breakfast + Candylicious Shopping
  • Noon - Swim + Beer by the Pool
  • Late Noon - S.E.A Aquarium (Waste of time and $) + Candylicious Shopping (again!)
  • Evening - Dinner @ Aston (but no photos cos forgot to bring camera!)
22nd September 2013
  • Morning - Buffet Breakfast
  • Late Morning - Home Sweet Home

20th - Day ONE

The most important people in my life!

(Before we leave the house, mummy left for HDY on that day too!)

Meimei acting hero sia!

Then called for help, lolol.

She complained "dirty", hahaha! 

Can't swim cos nobody look after the $ pouch & etc. Bored so I took a selfie! Got called over to the pool bar shortly after this shot. 

Beer by the poolside, life's completed, lolol!

Weather very hot ahhhhh! I never apply sunblock lor!!! 

Went up to bathe after this. Out for dinner at 6pm cos we were all hungry (and sleepy)!

I love azhar!

Very idea!

My personal prawn peeler, heeheehee!

最高境界 - Eat until fall asleep!!!

See, go everywhere also can find/cheat balloon there, no wonder she's so happy! 

Given to Meimei free becos it's her birthday! =D

Really love this restaurant! All the staffs are very friendly & nice. Their food is super yummy becos it's very fresh!!! At first hor, ZY was like "actually not very cheap also lah", but after eating, he changed to, "really worth leh, go buy again leh". LOL! Oh yah, I must remind myself to claim the $88 back from him since he promised to pay!!!!!

Night view from my hotel room, nice hor?

21st - Day TWO

Out for breakfast!

Had Mac, that's like the cheapest there! I mentioned "most budget" right?

Discount tattoo; flash and get 21% off store wide becos it's "Happy Candylicious Day"!

THREE kids went crazy there!

1x free spin with any purchase of any amount. 1 receipt = 1 spin. 

Lost count of how many times they spin in total. Raeann won 2 boxes of expensive biscuits, a few boxes of mint candy, Alexis won a pack of lollipops and Meimei won a mug! Nice!

No makeup at all in case people thought I siao, purposely put makeup to swim. When you see me wearing makeup to swim, it's cos I had the makeup on for the day and I'm lazy to remove it. I'm not crazy to put makeup everyday and night, like as if I never put makeup, I don't dare to face the world lidat! Anyway, my makeup is very very mild nowadays, I don't even put any foundation/powder. 

Went up hotel to bathe, rest abit before going to the boring aquarium. 


Trying to act like a tourist lah...

I was pretending to look at the papers. Then photographer ZY scolded me, "多一张啦! 你都没有看 camera!!" You see, I've no choice but to look the same in every photos, LOL!

PY said I looked damn tired.

Putting another tattoo cos the first one vanished after the swim. 

(Asked Angeline to send me these two photos!)

Daddy said, "buy buy buy" becos he strike a little 4D on that day, lol. Must be fair ah, one each! BUT WHY I DON'T HAVE AH??? And I still must treat him dinner for two days! 

Mad girl with alot of mad ideas! 

22nd - Day THREE

Bringing them for breakfast at 9am, dug the husband up, by force.

My favorite type of meal; buffet. Cos I get to "taste" many different kinds of food in small portion. And they didn't charge us for all the kiddos, so nice!

Look at the sneaky little fellow behind...

Never name her wrongly, lolol!

This marked the end of our short staycation. Ultra tiring but it's also kind of enjoy lah. Our main purpose is to make the kids happy and yes, they were all super happy! I'm sure ZY will plan a staycation like this once a year, becos he likes it too! But I hope to stay in other hotels in future, even though I love HRH's pool so muchie!!! 

By the way, I've posted all the 215 photos on my FB liao. What a bitch getting them uploaded! That's why till now, I still didn't upload all my Korea trip photos yet. Damn waste of my time sia! Not gonna upload them anyway, becos there are about 1000 photos and I'm super lazy! 

P/S : Thanks to the husband's friend for making this staycation possible! :) He used 500+ points to exchange it for us, free. 500+ points = $500+!!! They increased points this year, by double!!! 


  1. Yeah I agree on that make up sentences, I see some people can just put on make up everywhere she goes and act 1 atas,disgusted max!

  2. I'm wondering does she even put on thick make up when she is washing her kids butts! Lol

    1. I think I know who u r referring to, lol.

      Nobody update abt her for a long time liao, neither am I interested in her!

  3. Hi babe I agree with your sentence on makeup. As you say your makeup is very mild without foundation and powder. Mind share what you use for your makeup?

    1. I'm using make up base only. Then lately, I bot CC cream to try! Tried only once yesterday, but don't really like it cos I find it too thick, dk issit due to I'm used to mild makeup or coz I apply too much!


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