Sunday, September 22, 2013

T i r e d 。D i e 。Me

We're back homeeeee, like finally! We went with 4 bags, came back with about 10 big + small bags! OMG! Can't believe it myself either! I never buy anything at all leh!!!

I'm really really really very very very exhausted. The kids woke up at 7:45am (luckily not 6am ah), brought them for buffet breakfast downstairs. Then went back to hotel, bathed the 3 of them, packed everything & checked out around 11+am.

Back home, unpacked everything immediately. Cos I know I'll be lazy later, tomorrow, the day after tomorow, lol. 

Meimei's napping now. Need to bathe then check out the two kiddos downstairs! Nobody's at home, Mary's off today!! 

Ok bye! 

Edited : 10:20pm 

Our mini party with Pizza Hut & KFC just ended. Well, that's like the simplest way to settle a meal, we're all very tired & lazy! 

The kiddos, omg, they have soooooo much energy when it comes to PLAY. And they can repeat playing the same thing over and over again!!! 

But poor Meimei kept getting casted aside cos they said she's too young!!! Meimei complained to me, "他们不要跟我玩" with her tu-tu 嘴, omg, ultimate cuteness! 

These two girls really like BESTEST FRIENDS now. Eat, play, bathe, sleep & nap together. 

Just imagine... Alexis is one who can play till forget to eat & refused to nap kind of kid, but under Raeann's influence, she can eat as much as her & sleep as much as her too! Lolol 

Peer influence mah? HAHAHAHA

When I was bathing them after their dinner just now, Alexis asked if she can stay here tonight or not! Hahaha 

And she calls me "mummy" like Raeann, really BTH all these cheeky fellows!!

Shag to the max now. But I'm quite impressed with myself actually. I cooked, bathed & handled 3 kiddos all alone today! This ZY never bother at all, jitao sleep all the way till dinner time. 

I deserved a pat on my shoulder hor?? Hahaha! 

Gonna crash soon. Miss my mummy! 


  1. *a pat on ur shoulder* thumbs up for u!

  2. Not entertain you la. U really deserve a pat!

    1. Hahah no lah, what I meant by "entertain" is thank you for even bother to leave me a comment!! Appreciate it.


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