Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Rochester House x Rochester Mall

Live blogging at this place now! The kids are playing & I'm sitting inside the Playhouse, at one corner, waiting for them. All becos of my sticky-like-a-leech little girl! She cannot don't see my face for more than 10 minutes! 

My #ootd! I love this skort so much that I bought two in different colors! Both top and bottom from L.B! 

Love this oh-so-natural shot!

Together, forever. Hand in hand. 

Becos I've no idea how to drive into the small lane, I parked my car so far away and we have to walk up a little hill... Told the kids "it's okay, treat it as an exercise!"

Raeann said, "should've ask Bobo yiyi along to do some exercise also!" Lolol! 

Finally, we found it! Not too hard actually! 

Had initially made the reservation to bring the kids here with Ling but she was down with stomach flu... And I forgot to cancel the reservation, so yeah...


The burger patty tasted quite weird. 


She finished up the macaroni so I supposed it's nice?? 

Free toy for every kid's meal @ $9.90 each, not inclusive of GST & service charge yet!

Mine! Always order salad when I'm out alone with them cos I know they can't finish their food for sure and I've to help out a little! 

It's PLAYTIME! $10 per kid for 2 hours play during weekends, $15 for unlimited hours! 

So fast has new friends liao, lolol! Raeann never had problem socialising with people before! (She just made friend with an angmoh boy boy! Haha!) 

Meimei blended in too... It takes awhile for her to warm up & SHE NEEDS TO SEE MY FACE! 

They're aged 2, 4, 6 & 8!

She said pirate's one eye covered so she do the same too! LOLOL

Did you see a masked siao charbor behind us?? Lolol

Didn't manage to complete this post and publish when I was there. Now that I'm home, I shall continue...

Personal point of view : This is a place for the angmohs (I think) cos I didn't see any walk-in Asian kids! (Even Raeann also said the same thing after we left!) 

Asian kids we saw are those attending the birthday party held there!

Food @ La Viva : Everything's okay except for the burger patty. Price is quite reasonable too. Total bill : About $38.00! 

The Playhouse : More suitable for babies & toddlers cos not very big, neither very interesting. Luckily I only paid for 2 hours cos I'm sure the kids will feel bored for more than 2 hours there. As the place's quite empty (maybe it's still early?) & all their new friends left after awhile! 

But, becos it's not big/crowded, there's someone watching over the kiddos. For parents to eat peacefully while the kids have fun, nice!  

However, I hope they can do something to their toilet! It stinks, felt so uncomfortable when changing Meimei's diaper inside. 

Overall : Quite a nice experience, I would rate this place 7/10. Nice ambience, staffs are very nice & friendly! Meimei asked for balloon (as usual) cos she saw! Then one of the staffs went to take balloons for them, one each! 

P/S : Their party packages are quite reasonably priced. Check it out on their website if you're interested! ^.^

Address : 7 Rochester Park, Singapore 139218
Tel: (65) 6773 1312 (La Viva) / 6776 6683 (The Playhouse)

Lolol, patterns more than badminton!! Erm, why this Rochester Mall so weird one? Look so empty inside? All enrichment schools and restaurants?? No have shopping, no like! Haha 

Hurhur, so ex, hurhurhur, and too much, cannot finish and it's so wasted!! Ordered wrongly! Can't believe that I spent $25.90 on a bowl of ice cream, should've ask the price first! Well, I'm not a passion ice cream lover, that's why! 

Hahahah hahahaha! Exhausted ttm! But now, we're back home & they become so awake!!! 

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