Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The silly husband & daughters!

"I love you" is a damn powerful sentence becos we don't say that to each other, lolol.

To clarify, I'm just deducting some of the $ he owe me hor. (Raeann's insurance claim - I paid for the medical bill first but he claimed it back under his name!) Lately, I've been paying for most of the expenses!!! :( Broke but I don't wanna complain, becos complaining will only make it worse. I'M RICH BUT I DON'T MIND TO BE RICHER, thanks! 

Well, I hesitated to post this at first becos I don't know if he will quarrel with me tonight or not. But I just called him and he sounded okay so I assumed that he agreed with the deductions, hahahaha! 

It's okay, I've a plan already.

If he brings up this topic tonight, I'll tell him, "okay, shhhhh, I love you hor." HAHAHAHAHAHA

Life's happier when you take things easy and see everything positively. 

#Throwback : Photos taken few days ago!

The silly daughters, lolol. Can see what was Raeann trying to do to her Meimei? (I stopped her in time. It's just out of mischief, she didn't deliberately want to hurt her sister lah!) This is an accidental shot, they were happily playing actually. 

They woke up and saw the balloons my bro & Jing brought home the night before, I told Meimei not to let go of the balloons outdoor else they will fly away... Then Raeann don't know ask me what lah. I asked her to make a wish to the balloon in case they fly away. And she did... in her messy hair! HAHAHAHAHA! So silly! 

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