Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tony Moly Dress Up Nail Sticker

Was lazing on the bed, about to fall asleep, then I suddenly remember that I forgot to do my nails!!! Didn't have time to visit Irene so I intended to D.I.Y lor!

And I really really need to rave about this... 

I bought this from Korea and I'm regretting why I never buy more now!!! (I only bought 2 packs in different designs! Walao, why so???) OMG, this is just too fantastic! 

Pretty, no mess, easy to do, comes in 18 pieces of various sizes in a pack & therefore not much filing is needed. Just find the one according to your nail size, paste & file off the excess! I did everything in just 10 minutes! Swift & fast! 

Really is 一分钱一分货, cos if I didn't remember wrongly, this is more expensive than the rest I bought elsewhere! 

But come to think of it now, it's not really expensive leh, about $6? Whose going to Korea??? I want to stock up!!! 

Nice not? I love it lor! It's actually nicer without top coat (and there's no need to after doing some research now). But becos of all the Korea instructions which I don't understand, I 'gei kiang' go apply top coat lah! And too bad I just cut my nails few days ago, otherwise it will look even more chio-er in longer nails. 

Nonetheless, I still love it to the core! I'm searching for friends (going to Korea) now to help me buy!!! Anyone knows if our local Tony Moly is selling this too??? 


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.