Friday, September 6, 2013

Why so random?

Received a call from the husband at 7+pm last night...

ZY : Eh, 20 - 22 September, we go Hard Rock Hotel stay hor!
Me : HUH?
ZY : Booked already.

Don't know why is my husband always so random and last minute??? Walao eh, I need to prepare many many things leh!!!

See huh, in order to wear my swim suit, I need to go for Brazilian waxing, else it will be unglam if there are hairy thing sticking out everywhere.

And then, I need to go on abit diet, in order to fit nicely into the swim suit.

And then, I need to think of what clothes to bring/wear there.

And then, I need to think of what stuffs/clothes to bring for the kiddos.

Simi sai! Why am I so troublesome!!! Hahahahaha

Actually, the MOST important stuffs to bring are, MONEY & TOLERANCE. Need to spend alot of money to fully enjoy life, I feel. And need alot of tolerance since I've a not-so-helpful husband. Seriously, I'm more scare than excited.


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