Thursday, October 31, 2013

So sweettttt, I melted!

Brought the kids to JP after work despite having cb migraine (AGAIN!!!) cos I need to get a pair of heels for this Saturday!!

And then, I went to fix my nails today too...

Seriously, I never put in that much effort & spend so much $ when I got married! I think my wedding heels cost like $9.90? Or $19.90? HAHAHAHA 

My wedding is budget kind, so far away from the one I dreamt of. Becos we have no $, so we have to face the reality lah. I refused any help from my parents cos I think I shouldn't? We didn't take a single cent from both our parents for our wedding lor!

Now, I don't even ponder about it anymore. No dream wedding but I get two wonderful kids in return. Not perfect, but always the best in my eyes.

Was telling them I felt so tired & hungry just now. Meimei immediately say, "我煮 macaroni 给你吃 ok?" Damn sweet right!! 

Even though I know she's just saying, cos she's only 2 years old and she can't even go near the stove yet, haha! But she has this thought at only 2 years old, that's enough! Love you, sweetie! 

Gonna miss her alot tomorrow night as she's not coming back home cos I need to go out at around 5am the next day!!! She cannot see me leaving without her lah, she will give hell to everyone!! She's a super light sleeper, remember? 

So lethargic now, good night all! ^.^ 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homemade Detox Drink

Remember the (homemade) detox drink I mentioned last week? Well, we FINALLY did it just now. Blame it on my absent-minded-ness, I keep forgetting to bring back the lemons, cucumber & mint leaves I bought last Friday! Luckily haven spoil lor!

P/S : All the above can get from giant supermarket. Jing bought the basil leaves, I've no idea from where cos I can't find it in giant! Should be Cold Storage?? 

So, this is the recipe Bo googled. I choose the simplest no. 1 to try. (Jing cut all the ingredients! The mint leaves smell so nice, like chewy gum, haha!) 

Very greeny lor! We doubled the lemon & mint/basil leaves dosage cos we find it too little, lol. 

However, while transferring it to the container (from pot), I threw quite an amount of it away, no space leh. HOPE IT TASTE NICE AND WORK LAH! ^.^ 

Anyway, I received a good news today! Raeann and her cousin will be in the same class in P1! Hope it will lessen some of my load as (I really hope) she won't feel so stress cos got company. 

She has been feeling relatively stress after the registration for P1. I never stress her at all but she likes to stress herself leh. Guess she needs some time to adapt to the changes! 

Guan Yin Ma popi ah, hope she can get used to it fast! :) 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My dad handed this to me when we were about to go out for lunch just now. 

Lidat buy buy buy, total cost around $800 now. WTH!

I thought he didn't buy, really. BUT HE DID! Like I said, it's a bonus! :)

P/S : I wanna sell my cupcake charm @ S$70 now (U.P S$88). Anyone interested?

He came back last midnight, Bo and mum went to pick him up. I really really wanted to go but I'm scare, scare my mouth will be itchy on the way there/back and I'll eat again. 

For the whole of the week, I cannot eat anything "extra", becos of the dumpling sisters attire, which I'll not reveal until the actual day is over.

It's making me soooooooo stress. Never felt this stress for a long time already. Hahahaha 

Just like what Nora said, "Usually, nobody will notice the sisters, but on that day, we confirm catch alot of attention". Might even get Stomped, omg. (Hope not!)

Bought these flip flops at a steal, $8.80 per pair!!! Just like Havaianas, this brand is also from Brazil and it's super duper comfy + durable. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"One Night Stand"

Date : 26th - 27th October 2013

~ Blog on the go ~ 

Here we are at RWS again. But a different hotel this time round; Festive Hotel. Didn't expect our staycation to happen so soon again.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clubs Hopping

Date : 25th October 2013

My god, last night was crazy, we had so much fun!! Happy Birthday, Jerlyn!!! If it wasn't her birthday, I don't think I've the chance to go such places liao lor!!

Club V4 Thai Disco!! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Diet Dinner

Yay! My face is 80% recovered, by doing nothing to it!!! I just leave it alone (less touching with makeup on) and now I see "lights", so happy!! Keeping my fingers crossed, NO SCARS PLEASE!

Anyway, we went for a "diet" dinner just now cos it's Jerlyn's birthday tomorrow!! She is my future SIL, if you didn't know yet! 

My family is getting larger! And we're all staying together now. Though there are conflict sometimes, which is very normal, we still stay as a whole most of the time! You know lah, ladies have alot of common topics one! Diet is one of them, lolol! 

Bought these for all of us, for our homemade detox drinks. Very cheap only, $1.20 each!!! 

Bo helped me to bring the kids to dental this afternoon!! Thank you! :) 

So much food, I think I ate a cow! Cos I'm so damn super full till I can barely move! Hahaha! It's been a long time since I ate this full liao! And I'm supposed to be on diet!!!!

She too, ate a small cow! HAHAHAHA 

It's really not easy to slim down in our family. My house don't have anything, except FOOD, plenty of food. 

Anyway, Jer will be celebrating her birthday at a Thai disco tomorrow! And I'm actually given permission to go! Haha! Still contemplating cos hor, it's been years since I stepped into such places!!! Old liao leh! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Impromptu Staycation

Wahahahahahhaha, is there anyone as impromptu as us? Discussed last night to book a room at RWS for a one night stay over the weekend with thy family. Now, received confirmation from Jing, her father helped us to book already! Woohooo, thank you uncle!!!

Everyday, I've so much things to be thankful for, really.

Papa went to Hatyai yesterday and I asked him to buy these 2 charms for me!!! Heehee! Not pinning any hope that he will buy though. If he buy, it's a bonus for me!!! =D  

Photo by Wanzhen!

And then, a reader turned friend; Wanzhen helped me to buy this charm at a good price!! Thank you so muchie!!! =) This is the very first charm Mr Ho buy for me! More to come, heeheeheehee! *refer to Pandora book* 

My Pandora is so chap-ba-lang, I know. But every little charm I have holds a significant meaning, that's why I love it, very much. It's an expensive investment though. 

Counting all my blessings. Never compare! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just another...

PURER SKIN Miracle Serum lover!!! 

Am glad that people love and trust my reviews! :) 

Getting back to work tomorrow. Not happy at all cos my face is literally rotten right now. I'm sooooo damn freaking troubled by it. Very upset whenever I look at the mirror!!! 

Toothpaste burnt my face!!! 

Hahahahaha, no idea why I decided to apply it on my face in the first place! Took my skin for granted too much. Now I can only suffer, I deserved it, serve me right. I learnt my lesson. Please don't give me such kind of "blow" again. Beside my kids and mum, my face is very important to me as well. 

Hope I can recover ASAP without any scarring!!! Hur hur 

P/S : The husband kept consoling me, said it's not that bad lah, he knows I'm very emo about it. I told him it's so bad lor, like two humongous moles on my face. He laughed. Not so sad after he bought 油条豆花 home to cheer me up, lolol! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's another Monday!

I thought I can go back to work today. But aunt need to go hospital for checkup tomorrow, so mum asked me to go back to work on Wednesday. Don't really feel like going back to work liao, lolol.

Maybe I should take 1 year leave? SAHDNM is way too shiok, provided you love facing your kids 24/7 lah! Didn't used to like it, but now, I'm okay with it leh, even though I've to keep lecturing them. Afterall, family is more important than anyone else, they are the one who don't leave you, no matter what happened.

Love this show cos of this pair of father and daughter, the little girl is sooooooooo cute! Same hairstyle as her father, lolol! (Noticed the white patch on my wall? My ikea rack dropped down in the middle of one night, luckily never hit anyone! ZY said got ghost! LOLOL)

TV worm helped to make the bed while watching this show too. I hope Meimei can be as independent as her lah. Bringing them out will be so much easier then. She can do everything herself now. Do homework, learn spelling, eat, shit & etc, I just need to check nia! (She told me she has a homework on Thursday which has to be handed up today. I told her I'll teach her over the weekend but I forgot & she didn't mention. Today I asked her, she said she finished the homework on Thursday night liao, seeked ah Ma's help!)

Meimei was crying so badly when I picked her up from school today. Teacher said she scratched her classmate's face and she cried when Teacher said wanna tell me. 

Calmed her down and asked why did she do that... She said cos the girl pushed & stepped her foot! SIGH 

Told her that no matter what, she is not allow to do that. One don't resort to violence to solve problem. (Neither using curses or criticisms & insults help either, especially personal attacks. For when you do so, they will come back to you, it's just a matter of time. Even if it doesn't falls on you, remember that you have children. Nuff' said!) 

See? I've so much free time on hand when Meimei's sleeping, I can even write and decorate (albeit ugly) the angbao for Cheryl (next month). Like can't wait to give angbao lidat!!! Her table is $2k each, lol, how much should I give? Won't let her lugi for sure! ^.^ I've long saved the new notes for her liao! 

Nothing much, only cooked chicken macaroni soup for Meimei's dinner. She loves macaroni so much till can eat two big bowls lor! 

Told Raeann that I'm going back to work soon & she requested for pasta tomorrow! Gonna fulfill her request! 

Caned Meimei today cos she was so whiny in the afternoon, sigh! But no matter how I lecture/cane her, she's still so sticky to me, omg! Last time when I caned Raeann hor, she will run to others & hide from me. But now, seeing Meimei sticks to me like a leech, she sticks to me like a leech too. 

Both of them refused to find her daddy at all. Partly becos I don't allow ZY to use material stuffs or $ to bribe them anymore. Raeann used to follow ZY cos he kept bringing her to buy toys, and more toys, or give her $! I think this is so wrong. (And I've proven him right!) I don't use such methods to bribe them to love me. 

If he loves them, accompany them more, bring us out for dinner or movie, they will be happy like crazy liao! Yes, money is important, to a certain extend. Spending time with them will be better, IMHO! 

Well, I'm just saying how I think, you can don't agree with me lah! Need to zzz now, marketing tomorrow! :) 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why they so sticky?!

Other kids fight over toys, mine always fight over MUMMY; me! (Do I look like a toy to them?) Urghhhh! Lectured till I almost go crazy liao! Walao eh, need to be so sticky or not!

Just now at JCube, mum, Bo & ZY visioned this scenario - both fought, want me to hold their hand, cannot let others hold. Meimei hugged my leg and said, "mummy is mine" and pushed Raeann away. Raeann fought back of cos! (This always happen!!!) 

So ZY came over, pulled them away from each other and told them, "mummy is mine, not you all one", lolol! 3 of them fighting over me, I'm suffocated. Wonder if I suddenly die one day, what will happen huh??? 

After many days of 忍耐, I finally took a needle this afternoon, to poke the bump and tried to squeeze out everything inside - water & blood. 

The bump is not as huge as before but there's still a bump there, WHY!!! Gonna use the banana peel method Eling posted on her blog! Waiting for the banana to be super ripe now! (Well, I went to Sephora JEM to search for the Mario lotion a reader intro-ed me, but they don't have it. It's only available at Taka & Ion outlets!) 

P/S : Will do the makeup post when my skin recovers ok! Super troubled by it now! 

Dinner here cos it's bro's birthday on the 24th. 

She always play with wet tissue!!! Say want to clean face, table, floor, chair & everywhere! I always tell her, "wet tissue very expensive you know!" 

Jing secretly baked these yesterday!!! Nice hor! 


My ears are extremely full this whole week, becos they keep complaining to me. Now, I'm not sure if I'm teaching them the right thing or not - anything please tell mummy (or the adults), 不可以打架

Machiam asking them to be complain queens leh, everything also complain. (Becos when they fight, I'll lecture or cane them.) 

I don't wish them to resort to violence, neither do I want them to (only know how to) cry for help when they get bullied. At this age, they do not know what's "ignorance is bliss". Need advises on this! Help!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013


Omg! This is even more delicious than yesterday's! Even Mary said so! Hope Raeann likes her breakfast cos I painstakingly woke up early in the morning to prepare it for her! 

Used fresh boiled chicken! 

Fried egg! And plenty of cheese!


Walao, siao liao lah! Today's Meimei's photo taking session, I've plain forgotten about it!!! Forgot to tie her hair! Omg, that mushroom head... Why I so forgetful!!! 

But hahahahhaha, her teachers said her Dalang hairstyle looks cuter and more natural, lolol! 

Raeann said don't need to give her $ & took her own $ to buy two concert tickets for us. She wants to treat us to watch her concert, lol! $4 only lah, but it's the thought that counts right! 

Long time no makeup/dress up liao!!! Wootz! Feels good! :) 

Now at my aunt's place, going to pick Raeann up in awhile then bring the kiddos for lunch liao! (Have been watching some dramas on TV lately. Spotted a few nice series! The one playing at the background is one of them, heehee!)

See ya! =D 

(Oh yah, so grateful & happy to have blog readers sharing good stuffs with me. This shows that you people treat me like your friend, come here to discuss/share good stuffs together! ^.^) 

Edited : 5:32pm 

Supposed to end at 1:30pm but the concert rehearsal was dragged till around 1:50pm. Raeann was so exhausted, she said she danced more than 10 times, lol! 

Brought them for lunch at JEM and one sec sch senior came over and say 'hi' and joined us. Had a nice time catching up with him lah! 

Wah, this Meimei hor, scary one. I went to Lovisa to buy some accessories (thanks Eling for her intro and advices). During the choosing & paying process, Meimei was walking around the whole shop by herself, till I left the shop and hided at one corner, she was still in her own world, walking around.

Then, she realised that we were not around anymore, she never cry hor. Instead, she walked to the salesgirl and ask "where my mummy?" 

WTH! Why she lidat one huh? Bring her out I damn stress sia. Not she scare to lose me but I'm damn scare to lose her! That's why most of the time, I prefer to carry her! Not becos she refused to walk, but cos she likes to walk by herself too much!!! 

High tea! Life of a SAHDNM, can forget about slimming down! 

Their ice cream is fantabulous! Damn nice lah. Damn cheap cos of their promotion. One waffle + ice cream & one drink only cost $7.90 nett! It's enough for 3 of us liao! 

Life's great! I think I'll miss sucha life when I get back to work! Haha

Ending my day with...

My husband think I'm very skinny lor, keep forcing me to eat with him!! (I ate one tiny piece! So sinful!) 

Hahaha, I think he's worried he will get hungry at night again. Last night, he kept pestering me to cook wraps for him, I ignored him and went to zzz. He complained, said I only care for the kids. Lol


And then, he LS this morning. He told Bo he very 可怜, nothing to eat so he ate air, then become "pong hong", that's why LS. Hahahahahahahah! Super lame!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Walao eh, this stupid bump popped out right after I cooked the tofu yesterday!!! So angry cos I seldom have this kind of hugeass pimple de lor! Don't wanna cook efforts food liao lah! 

I tried very hard to refrain myself from squeezing and touching it cos I'm worried it will get worse and worse and I'm unable to recover by Cheryl's wedding. What can I do to speed up the recovery huh??? :( 

"Mummy, 帮我拍照!" (After sending Jiejie to school!)

Supermarket is my latest hangout place recently. I can go alone or with my kids & spent hours there, like everyday! Lol

On a side note, this is my favourite instant noodle!! I love this but I seldom eat instant noodles though.

She has been asking for seaweed for a long time liao. I thought she was just saying cos she see her classmate has it! Who knows, she likes seaweed so much!! 

Another recipe my friends shared with me. Yummy!! I'm gonna do chicken melts wrap for Raeann to bring to school tomorrow morning!! :)

Asked her to bring me the comb so I can comb her hair for her! She combed herself and tell me "我 comb 好了", lolol! She comb backwards one! Haha

Seriously, staying at home doesn't help with my diet plan at all, even though I don't eat much of what I cooked! I keep thinking (and asking around) what to cook to pass my time! I didn't nap with them these few days cos I scare I cannot zzz at night! Haha (I don't sleep alot one!)

Okay, I go get emo over my hugeass pimple now. Good night!