Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Shower + City Square Mall

Date : 29th September 2013

Alright, enough of Pandora and online shopping, it's time to get down for some serious blogging now. Haha! Talk as if I'm a full time blogger, lolol. I do hold a full time job okay. Well, I don't understand why some people can take a few days/weeks to come up with one blog post becos I can anyhow cough out one in 5 minutes, as long as it's not an advertorial or review where I need to read up carefully first & take plenty of photos before I can click "publish".

Other than that, I just blog what's on my mind, so it's not difficult at all? I'm not free hor but penning down moment of thoughts doesn't require much time/effort actually. I seldom edit my photos too. I can blog anywhere & anytime. 

#Throwback : Last Sunday

She was sleepy... We were on our way to ZY's friend's (son) baby shower.

There were buffet and D.I.Y BBQ! The satay and otar damn nice! 

It was the day (after many days of upgrading to iOS7) I discovered this cool shit on my phone camera! I like iOS7 leh! It works great on our iP5!!! 

Future heart breaker, his eyes so beautiful!!! Btw, this is the host's 5TH son. OMG! Brave! 

And you know what's really coincident? 

Meimei's classmate; Enzo is the host's bro's son. I recognized him first! And his mum was so shock that I knew her son's name, lol. Small small world! 

Becos it's quite near to City Square Mall, the husband brought us there for a walk after that.

Haha, I've THREE sweet tooth kids! Btw, the Chendol flavor very nice!

Disturb people again lah!

Wanna bring the kiddos for a short getaway next year leh!!! Nearby & affordable countries, any recommendation??? Preferred cold or total relax countries!!!

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