Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Some people think that I've nothing better to do? Or they think that they are so fucking important? Please leh! Don't think so highly of yourself leh. Gimme a reason why should I even fret about YOU?

(Stop being so self centered and expect everyone to give way to you. The world don't revolve around you! There might be people who wish to be your puppets, but definitely NOT ME.)

I never like to interfere in others' business, at all. Becos I've no time to, neither am I interested. I don't stalk people, neither do I wish to find out what others are saying about me, behind my back. Becos I've much better things to do, I'd rather waste my time to do online shopping, than to find out more about YOU.

BUT, if words unintentionally get near my ears, then I won't keep quiet and pretend that I never hear it at all. And I seriously hate hate fucking hate people accusing me, putting words into my mouth just to justify yourself, without getting the facts right. If you wish to think on the negative sides of everything, that's your fucking problem. Don't make your problem my problem. 

IF I SAY/DO, I'LL DEFINITELY ADMIT. If I never, I'll fight for myself even when I'm stepping into my grave. Yes, I might be absent minded, but not on serious words I've said before. Becos when it's something serious, I'll think twice or even thrice before speaking. I'm not brainless!

My life is simple, I don't need people to make it complicated. Thank you! 

Unless you're her...

Or her... 

Otherwise, stop fucking think that I'll waste my time on you, period.

P/S : Was so pissed off till I posted a status on FB earlier. Hesitated it at first cos I know it will hurt someone dear to me. But I was really very very angry just now! Appreciates all the care and concern from people around. Suddenly, so many friends msg me to tell me jokes, lol. They said they seldom see me so pissed off. 

Okay, enough rants. 

There's something I'm so excited about for the past one month and I finally can reveal it soon...


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