Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Guess what we had for dinner tonight??

Heehee, cos everyone's at home, so I anyhow suggest eating steamboat this afternoon. Went to buy ingredients after visiting my aunt, she's discharged already! :) 

Anyway, it's my bro's lunar birthday today, I just gotta know it today.

This afternoon, after I bathed... 

Raeann : Mummy, do you need to makeup?
Me : Don't need lah, go mah mah's house only, makeup for what?? 
ZY : Your mummy where need to makeup? She never makeup also weet-u-wee one! 
Me : Yah yah yah, you know you have been coming home so late nowadays hor, so you must say something to "por" me right! 

This girl... is so so so so mischievous, I can't even. To me, Jiejie is much more tame, independent & easier to discipline lor! When I'm alone with her, she's okay. But when her father, ah ma & whoever is around, she's so terrible. *shake head* 

Lost count of how many times I caned her over the past few days. Becos she's cute, everyone 不舍得 scold/discipline her, then she became more and more and more scary. 

I'd love to stay at home to do proper disciplines on my kids, if financial permits. IMHO, disciplines are more important than academic results.  Some people should really stop blaming the mothers when their kids failed to behave. Some mothers (have to work for a living and) really discipline till vomit blood (when they're off work). Kids are so smart & naughty nowadays. It's only when you become a mother yourself, then you will know it's not easy.

(Noticed that I only mention "mothers" becos everytime when things go wrong, people will say "your mother never teach you ah?")

Nonetheless, I'm still very thankful that my kids are healthy lah.

Okay, time to go and bathe and exercise liao! Eat more must excercise more! Good the bye!

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