Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My dad handed this to me when we were about to go out for lunch just now. 

Lidat buy buy buy, total cost around $800 now. WTH!

I thought he didn't buy, really. BUT HE DID! Like I said, it's a bonus! :)

P/S : I wanna sell my cupcake charm @ S$70 now (U.P S$88). Anyone interested?

He came back last midnight, Bo and mum went to pick him up. I really really wanted to go but I'm scare, scare my mouth will be itchy on the way there/back and I'll eat again. 

For the whole of the week, I cannot eat anything "extra", becos of the dumpling sisters attire, which I'll not reveal until the actual day is over.

It's making me soooooooo stress. Never felt this stress for a long time already. Hahahaha 

Just like what Nora said, "Usually, nobody will notice the sisters, but on that day, we confirm catch alot of attention". Might even get Stomped, omg. (Hope not!)

Bought these flip flops at a steal, $8.80 per pair!!! Just like Havaianas, this brand is also from Brazil and it's super duper comfy + durable. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!


  1. where did u get the flip flops? love the heart heart design keke

    1. Nice hor, I super love it too! Got it from Brandsfever Singapore, at a sale though. Usual price not this cheap! :)


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