Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clubs Hopping

Date : 25th October 2013

My god, last night was crazy, we had so much fun!! Happy Birthday, Jerlyn!!! If it wasn't her birthday, I don't think I've the chance to go such places liao lor!!

Club V4 Thai Disco!! 

This bouncer uncle is so funny, lolol! 

Lots of youngsters there, like really young kind. Or am I too old liao??

Asked ZY to come and find us after his dinner with his friends! Club hopped to uncle's clubs which is just beside! 

Royal! Wanted to go there see see but uncle gave us one tower!!! Drink die me, I vomit like crazy. Haha 

Inside the car, no idea why I'm still sober enough to dig a plastic bag out to vomit, lolol! 

But then hor, despite vomit until so cham, I still managed to drown myself with water when I reached home, remove makeup and shower!! Haha 

Tip : Drown yourself with plenty of water after your drinking session (before you sleep) to avoid hangover. My friend taught me this last time & it works for me everytime!!! 

Like now, I don't have hangover, no headache, nothing. Just feel very hungry nia, lolol! Don't say I never share huh! 

(ZY complained to the whole world sia. But it's the truth, so I cannot say anything! Let him niam lor! LOL)

Then followed ZY to uncle's nightclub to take a look, which is just beside too! 

High end one, one garland minimum $1K!!! Even the sofa also damn chio hor!!! 

Went back to V4 to look for them again. 

I 吊 $50 for her! Hahahahaha! Just for fun! 

No idea what to buy for her so gave her an angbao! Easiest liao! 

"Family gathering" @ Disco! Jer's parents went too! Actually wanna drag my mum along de. But she asked me to go and she'll help me to look after the kids! Thank you mum! 

Dearest Wanzhen came early in the morning to pass me the charm!! I was still sleeping lor! So sweet of her to help me buy & deliver it to me!!! Kamsahamida! 

@ Cheryl's new house for sisters meeting now. Her house very nice sia!!! 

And her Toby is even larger than her!!! 42kg leh! 

Need to lose at least 2kg by next Saturday. The sisters outfit jitao wrap dumpling!! I AM VERY STRESS!

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