Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Children's Day

To all the kiddos out there!!! 

Okok, I know I missed out the 's but I'm lazy to re-edit...

KFC for breakfast this morning becos it's school holiday. Relax + enjoy cos no need to rush! They can really eat ALOT, haha! Good or bad, I cannot decide. But I think I'll start controlling Raeann's diet once she starts to balloon up, I don't want her to be overweight becos it will be hard to slim down in future! 

Raeann's here in the office and I'm bringing her to meet J for dinner later, while mummy will help me to pick Meimei up. We decided on this dinner just one hour ago, HOW IMPROMPTU HUH! 

Edited : 10pm

Woohoo!!! I SCORED A NEW PAIR OF SHOES from Nike at a steal!!! (Okay, I cropped away my fat legs becos my friend said it's ugly! I don't want to ruin the beauty of this pair of shoes!!) 

Cos J has 30% staff discount!!! This shoes was already at a discounted price of $139 (Usual $239 - $189.90), so after 30%, I paid only $98!!! 

She also gave me 3 of this voucher! Which means, when she's not around, I can use it to get additional 30% off outlet price too! Likeashiok!! Gave one to my bro already!

My intention to meet J there was to find a pair of Nike sandals for Meimei lor (cos she has almost outgrown her current pair liao) but they don't have. I ended up buying shoes for myself instead! Hur hur! BAD EYES! 

It's totally not my style lah but I like it so much! So I just buy lor! Aiya, as long as I'm happy! I spent all my efforts make myself so happy till I've no time to get sour over others! So happy cos I get the discount lah!! I want to wear this shoes, I MUST wear it! 

Then, we had a chat over dinner at Xin Wang! :) Still love the papaya soup so much!!!

And... J was so nice to help me lug these back from HK! (Thank you so much!) She said she bought 50 boxes back! Simply grabbed all in every Watsons she went! Lol

Side track : PY just jio-ed me out for lunch tomorrow with the kiddos! Raeann will be so happy cos... (I took these photos secretly cos she said it meant to be a surprise so I'm not allowed to take any photos! Lol) 

She wanted to give this to Alexis! She spent so much time wrapping and writing it! And guess what's inside??? 

(PY said the wrapping is nice, haha! I think is ugly! She said it's considered nice liao! Well, nobody teach her before! She learnt it herself by seeing how I do it! Ok lah ok lah, not bad lor!) 


Whahahahhahahha! I'm not laughing at the content but the words she wrote! Birthday, Children's Day & Christmas, killing 3 birds with one stone huh!!! 

She's real good at talking & doing nonsense!!! 

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