Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hatched @ HV + KTV

Today's meet up was really scary & tiring, ALL BECOS OF MEIMEI LAH!!! She almost drove me crazy!!! Go into that later!

We planned to go this place for our brunch but it was so crowded and we didn't managed to get a seat! (Free seating one!) So we went to the cafe beside it; Hatched @ HV

They brought a set of toys for Meimei to play when we sat down. Nice! 

PY's, she said is good!

Mine is yummy too! 

The two kiddos', they enjoyed it!

I fall in love with pickles recently... But I don't really like fat fries! I like slim ones! Haha

No regret, food is good & service is fantastic! Super recommended! Bill came about $60+ for 3 main courses, 1 side & 1 drink! Ok what!

Address : 267 Holland Avenue 
Tel : 64630012
Operating Hours : Tue - Sun 0900 - 2300, Closed on Mon. 

After that, we initially wanted to bring the kids to playground but the weather is so freaking HOT so PY suggested going KTV instead. Great idea lah, cos we can enjoy aircon as the two kiddos can play anywhere. As long as they're together, they're very happy!!

Clementi Party World 


Woah, got free foot massage leh!!

Got food can already! 

I could barely concentrate on anything cos I was having migraine since morning, then the hot sun made it worse!!!

But at this very moment, Meimei made me so awake!!! PY brought the two kiddos to the washroom, then Meimei accidentally "kok" her head on the table while eating and she cry, cry & cry until puke!!! We were both soaked in her vomit! PY came back from the toilet and I asked her to help me to ask for help!

And guess what???

The staff gave us some serviette and wet tissues and asked us to clean & clear the mess ourselves!!!

Too busy to think at that moment.

So thankful PY was around to help me!!! She cleaned up the mess while I bring Meimei to nearby to buy new clothes to change! What a day! 

New top @ $8 only, lol! Meimei's thin little dress @ $10 lor! Tsk, why kid stuffs forever more expensive than adult one huh! Their cloth is lesser, should be cheaper what! 

Just feel like slacking around, don't wanna move! We sang so many old old songs, so shiok! But we have decided not to bring the kids along next time!!! They're too troublesome!!!

The kids enjoyed, we suffered.

Left around 6pm cos PY has to head to SK for dinner. She rejected my offer to send her there cos it's too far!! To be honest, I also think it's damn far, but I don't mind to send her there lah! I'll be nicer to people who are nice to me! But sigh, why she has to shift out from the West?!!! She's my shopping kaki, Pandora kaki, Haivainas Kaki, aunty-talk kaki & future business partner, lol! We simply talk about everything under the sun! Trained from young one hor!

Anyway, while driving back, I think & think and got quite irritated. See huh, we paid service charge and what kind of service are we offered? We have to clean & clear the mess ourselves??? They NEVER even offer to help us at all!

Sent them a long feedback email already. I demanded an explanation!!! Shall see what they reply! So irritated with myself, why I mental block, didn't think about this earlier, so I can just complain on the spot!!

Stupid migraine, can you just leave me alone?! Made me no appetite to even eat my dinner!!! The husband like so worried I never eat lidat, called me so many times to ask me if I want to eat this eat that or not. Rejected him many times cos I feel nausea now. Finally gave in to his 5th offer - fish soup. He's coming back now...

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