Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haywire Body


Days when I eat and eat, I never gain any weight but sometimes lose weight instead. But days when I'm on diet, eat lesser & excercise, I GAINED WEIGHT. Wtf! WHY!!!

This is depressing. Maybe I should just eat and eat and don't give a damn?? 很 sian one lor, like forever cannot slim down... 连呼吸都会肥!!! Urghhhhh

Nothing much, brought them for lunch at NihoMura this afternoon! :) Cheeky Mei is so funny when I allowed them to eat a small scoop of ice cream after their meal. She asked, "mummy 不会骂啊?"  

Well, she's VERY scare of me. When I'm around, she will act act one. Like people offer her sweets or ice cream, she won't dare to eat and will tell them "mummy scold". When I say "NO" to her, she won't ask again. But that only applies to me, if it's others, she will throw temptrum at them. Sigh

(Damn ZY, keep playing with his Sony & praising how good it is every night!!!! Refused to bathe, scolded him then he bring the phone to the toilet. He said he don't have to worry about dropping this phone into the toilet bowl now! He also said, "你 jealous 人家电话比你好啊?" when I chided him for playing songs out loud in the middle of the night! -.-") 

Damn shiok lor, I sleep and sleep and sleep cos I napped together with them. We woke up at 6:30pm just now! Haha 

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Paiseh ah, I'll be posting photos of my aunty face lately. Cos hor, I want to see if I'll look more haggard or radiant after one week, lolol! See if being a SAHDNM is really as bad as how someone describe or not!!! And FTWM sibei good life? Lolol

Hmm, other than not being able to dress up (at home also need to makeup meh?) & tying one sumpat antenna hair, I've to admit, IT'S DAMN SHIOK CAN! I've more energy to teach them & play with them!! (No chance & no mood to on my laptop at all!)

Alright, I'm going to sleep again NOW, hahahahaha! 一次过 replenish my sleep gao gao okay! 


  1. Its not easy to be a SAHM, let alone to be a FTWM and still need to come back to discipline / teach our kid/s. I used to be a career-minded woman but after giving birth, hubby decided to get me to stay home and take care of baby. Many times, people think being a SAHM (yes most of the time ive to play the role of daddy cos my hub is always working...) is very relax. Omg lor... I rather go back to workforce (heehee.) But I cant. Really 佩服 you, can juggle with work and kids.. (:

    1. I can't!! Often get very impatient when I've to teach Raeann after work. Very energy draining man!! All mummies are great IMO, give yourself a pat on your shoulder! ^.^

    2. Heehee. But u have 2. Very 厉害 already. I think I need to raise white flag if I were u lor.

    3. I'm lucky I need not do housework routine, else I'll die I think. Wonder how those mummies with 3-4 kids cope hor??? Cos kids are so mischievous and active nowadays!!!

    4. Yes u are lucky (: 还是妈妈最伟大。 haha. Saw on a fb shared video, a woman who had 8 kids and she is single. Im impressed on how she can juggle with her life.
      Kids are also smarter than us now...

    5. Wahhhh! 8 kids and still single??? OMG how to manage!!! I raise white flag at two, really. Sometimes they fight and fight make me so 烦!

    6. As long as they are healthy, I think it should be ok. Thinking for long term, its best to have at least 2 kids. Lesser burden for them when we are old and also, at least got companion. Lol

    7. Hanor, this is what my gugu always tell me de. When I die liao, at least they have another person to discuss my funeral rather than shouldering everything alone, very siong, lol. In this case, I do agree very much.


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