Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homemade Detox Drink

Remember the (homemade) detox drink I mentioned last week? Well, we FINALLY did it just now. Blame it on my absent-minded-ness, I keep forgetting to bring back the lemons, cucumber & mint leaves I bought last Friday! Luckily haven spoil lor!

P/S : All the above can get from giant supermarket. Jing bought the basil leaves, I've no idea from where cos I can't find it in giant! Should be Cold Storage?? 

So, this is the recipe Bo googled. I choose the simplest no. 1 to try. (Jing cut all the ingredients! The mint leaves smell so nice, like chewy gum, haha!) 

Very greeny lor! We doubled the lemon & mint/basil leaves dosage cos we find it too little, lol. 

However, while transferring it to the container (from pot), I threw quite an amount of it away, no space leh. HOPE IT TASTE NICE AND WORK LAH! ^.^ 

Anyway, I received a good news today! Raeann and her cousin will be in the same class in P1! Hope it will lessen some of my load as (I really hope) she won't feel so stress cos got company. 

She has been feeling relatively stress after the registration for P1. I never stress her at all but she likes to stress herself leh. Guess she needs some time to adapt to the changes! 

Guan Yin Ma popi ah, hope she can get used to it fast! :) 

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