Thursday, October 24, 2013

Impromptu Staycation

Wahahahahahhaha, is there anyone as impromptu as us? Discussed last night to book a room at RWS for a one night stay over the weekend with thy family. Now, received confirmation from Jing, her father helped us to book already! Woohooo, thank you uncle!!!

Everyday, I've so much things to be thankful for, really.

Papa went to Hatyai yesterday and I asked him to buy these 2 charms for me!!! Heehee! Not pinning any hope that he will buy though. If he buy, it's a bonus for me!!! =D  

Photo by Wanzhen!

And then, a reader turned friend; Wanzhen helped me to buy this charm at a good price!! Thank you so muchie!!! =) This is the very first charm Mr Ho buy for me! More to come, heeheeheehee! *refer to Pandora book* 

My Pandora is so chap-ba-lang, I know. But every little charm I have holds a significant meaning, that's why I love it, very much. It's an expensive investment though. 

Counting all my blessings. Never compare! 

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