Monday, October 21, 2013

It's another Monday!

I thought I can go back to work today. But aunt need to go hospital for checkup tomorrow, so mum asked me to go back to work on Wednesday. Don't really feel like going back to work liao, lolol.

Maybe I should take 1 year leave? SAHDNM is way too shiok, provided you love facing your kids 24/7 lah! Didn't used to like it, but now, I'm okay with it leh, even though I've to keep lecturing them. Afterall, family is more important than anyone else, they are the one who don't leave you, no matter what happened.

Love this show cos of this pair of father and daughter, the little girl is sooooooooo cute! Same hairstyle as her father, lolol! (Noticed the white patch on my wall? My ikea rack dropped down in the middle of one night, luckily never hit anyone! ZY said got ghost! LOLOL)

TV worm helped to make the bed while watching this show too. I hope Meimei can be as independent as her lah. Bringing them out will be so much easier then. She can do everything herself now. Do homework, learn spelling, eat, shit & etc, I just need to check nia! (She told me she has a homework on Thursday which has to be handed up today. I told her I'll teach her over the weekend but I forgot & she didn't mention. Today I asked her, she said she finished the homework on Thursday night liao, seeked ah Ma's help!)

Meimei was crying so badly when I picked her up from school today. Teacher said she scratched her classmate's face and she cried when Teacher said wanna tell me. 

Calmed her down and asked why did she do that... She said cos the girl pushed & stepped her foot! SIGH 

Told her that no matter what, she is not allow to do that. One don't resort to violence to solve problem. (Neither using curses or criticisms & insults help either, especially personal attacks. For when you do so, they will come back to you, it's just a matter of time. Even if it doesn't falls on you, remember that you have children. Nuff' said!) 

See? I've so much free time on hand when Meimei's sleeping, I can even write and decorate (albeit ugly) the angbao for Cheryl (next month). Like can't wait to give angbao lidat!!! Her table is $2k each, lol, how much should I give? Won't let her lugi for sure! ^.^ I've long saved the new notes for her liao! 

Nothing much, only cooked chicken macaroni soup for Meimei's dinner. She loves macaroni so much till can eat two big bowls lor! 

Told Raeann that I'm going back to work soon & she requested for pasta tomorrow! Gonna fulfill her request! 

Caned Meimei today cos she was so whiny in the afternoon, sigh! But no matter how I lecture/cane her, she's still so sticky to me, omg! Last time when I caned Raeann hor, she will run to others & hide from me. But now, seeing Meimei sticks to me like a leech, she sticks to me like a leech too. 

Both of them refused to find her daddy at all. Partly becos I don't allow ZY to use material stuffs or $ to bribe them anymore. Raeann used to follow ZY cos he kept bringing her to buy toys, and more toys, or give her $! I think this is so wrong. (And I've proven him right!) I don't use such methods to bribe them to love me. 

If he loves them, accompany them more, bring us out for dinner or movie, they will be happy like crazy liao! Yes, money is important, to a certain extend. Spending time with them will be better, IMHO! 

Well, I'm just saying how I think, you can don't agree with me lah! Need to zzz now, marketing tomorrow! :) 


  1. I love that Korea drama too super nice.. That little girl is super cute.. I have been searching for this show online but don't have..

    1. Hanor hanor. Wonder where can I watch it??? I also searching leh... Cos now cannot stay at home to watch liao...

  2. Hi, came to your site from blackbox site.. Am interested to know the title of the show you mentioned. :D

    1. Hello!! The show is called "爱情万万岁".


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