Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just another...

PURER SKIN Miracle Serum lover!!! 

Am glad that people love and trust my reviews! :) 

Getting back to work tomorrow. Not happy at all cos my face is literally rotten right now. I'm sooooo damn freaking troubled by it. Very upset whenever I look at the mirror!!! 

Toothpaste burnt my face!!! 

Hahahahaha, no idea why I decided to apply it on my face in the first place! Took my skin for granted too much. Now I can only suffer, I deserved it, serve me right. I learnt my lesson. Please don't give me such kind of "blow" again. Beside my kids and mum, my face is very important to me as well. 

Hope I can recover ASAP without any scarring!!! Hur hur 

P/S : The husband kept consoling me, said it's not that bad lah, he knows I'm very emo about it. I told him it's so bad lor, like two humongous moles on my face. He laughed. Not so sad after he bought 油条豆花 home to cheer me up, lolol! 

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