Saturday, October 12, 2013

My daily makeup base!

Gentle Reminder : What suits me might not suits you (and vice versa) so please don't blame me if it doesn't suits you hor! Judge it yourself k! :) 

As promised, I'm here to blog about my daily makeup base now. Well, I focused on my eye makeup more, so don't be surprise if my base is as sheer as putting nothing at all. I'll only put slightly thicker base when I attend wedding dinners or other occasions now. Okay lah, go work don't have to put like wayang mah. Unless got important meetings, otherwise I don't even put much eye makeup to work liao!

(My skin is not flawless hor, but it looks okay under good lightings. I think the red mole on my face grew back again, really tmd, HATE IT TTM! Laser twice but it grew back again and again!!! Urghhhh)

Alright, let's get to the topic...


I'm using this makeup base from Étude House. I like it cos it's really sheer & matt! It feels like I'm not putting anything at all. Just something to brighten up & even out my skin tone a little, that's all. When I use this, I'll skip my sunblock! 

I also quite like this base from Shara Shara. Was given tons of samples in Korea, tested and decided to get a tube from Qoo10. This is also quite mild, but it contains some shimmer. After applying, your face will be 闪闪发亮 one, lol! I switched about the two base according to my mood lah! 


Used to buy those liquid concealer from M.A.C (quite ex for a small tube lor) but the coverage is not as good as this!! Bought lots of different Korean brands too, but I still think this is better. 

This is quite cheap, about $10? From Korea. If I'm not wrong hor, innisfree is coming to SG soon, I remember reading news about it recently. 

Oh, there's one also quite good, "too cool for school" but I finished it up already! (Concealer + Highlighter with BB foundation at the bottom! Nice right!) 


This is not a foundation, but a Crystal loose powder (from Étude House too) to set your makeup. Therefore, it is not thick, at all. If you're going for natural look, try this! (I bought it from another seller at below $20 but the seller's no longer selling this liao. But I found another seller and it's the cheapest among those who are still selling!)

Reason I bought this, is cos of its packaging!! I'm a sucker for pretty/cute stuffs!!! I cannot resist myself to pretty/cute stuffs (and humans too, lol) leh! Since young lidat liao! If I see those shops selling chio chio & cute cute stuffs, I confirm will go in one! Even if it's just for a look, I also 爽!

But this proven it's worth lah, I love it! The powder has a mild sweet fragrance. But sometimes, I'll forget this step!!! =X 

See, even my blusher also jin chio right!! Same series as the loose powder! Love love! I've plenty of blushers btw, all use half half, so wasted! Blusher not easy to use up eh, unless you apply like monkey backside everyday? Lol

Okay, that's all for now. These are what I'm using everyday (all Korean brands, lol), all items are below $20 (each) so it's very affordable, I suppose? Hope you guys will like them (after trying) too! :) 

P/S : Ahhh... I MISS KOREA SO MUCH!!! Really feel like flying there for a hair change!!! Still thinking what to do with my kuku hair! How nice if I've a pro & affordable hairstylist who I can rely on, so I can just walk in and ask them to settle my hair for me according to my face shape. 


  1. Those little hearts are blusher?

    1. Ya. I always wonder those little balls and this kind wat r they.. now i know..

  2. Hi Joanne!
    Can you please share which concealer it is from Too Cool for School? Pic of it?
    Thank you babe!

    1. Okok, I go dig, not sure if I got take photo of it last time or not! :)

  3. Hi babe, do you apply any moisturizer before you apply your makeup base from Étude House? Or you just simply apply the makeup base from Étude House?

    Have you use before the makeup base from Étude House in jar type? Which do you prefer? Have you tried before other tone other than the berry you using now? Other tone like the tint or peach?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Hmm, I don't apply moisturizer.

      Morning : Cleansing -> Toner -> Serum -> Base
      Evening : Cleansing -> Toner -> Serum -> Night Cream

      And nope, I never use the jar type before but I heard it's the same. Only tried the berry one before though... (Cos I read and feel it suits my skin type the most.)

      Hope this helps! :)

  4. Hi babe, the loose powder you using from etude house will it be hard to apply like messy? I see so review about loose powder they say loose powder is some kind of hard to apply cos i will be messy and need brush and puff to apply whatever? Sorry asking so much cos i never use loose powder before. May like to try the loose powder you are using now? The package really look nice. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello there,

      No leh, in fact, I find it quite easy to apply! Just dap dap dap it on your face with the powder puff provided. The casing you can use it to put your accessories or etc after finishing up the powder. Heehee

  5. Hi how do you apply your makeup base to your face by tapping on it or just slide on face or use a sponge? after your makeup base you just dap dap dap the loose powder on your face and you're done with it going to work or anymore step to follow? Sorry asking so many cos i'm new in using makeup and i have a super sentitive skin person, if wrong product used my face will gone case liao like peeling, redness, breakout pimples etc... Hope you don't mind. Thank you so so much.

    1. Hmm, sometimes I use my finger to spread it, sometimes I use a sponge, depends on my mood actually, lol.

      After loose powder, u can apply a little blusher to look more radiant!

      I'm one who focused on my eye makeup more, so I'll spend more time on my eyes area. Like eye shadow, eye liner & mascara! But can skip this step if you don't want people think that your makeup very thick.

      People always think that I apply very thick makeup but in fact, it's quite sheer!!

  6. Hi pretty mummy i always envy. Do you apply makeup when you go overseas? Will the Etude house loose powder hard to bring overseas like messy powder spill or ??? Thank you.

    1. Hello, thank you!

      Yes, I do apply makeup when I'm overseas, more makeup in fact to look pretty in photos, lolol.

      Hanor the loose powder is so bulky so I never bring lor. I used MAC (studio fix) powder instead. Used brush instead of puff so it won't be so thick! :)

      Have been using MAC for more than 10 years before I try out loose powder lately.


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