Sunday, October 27, 2013

"One Night Stand"

Date : 26th - 27th October 2013

~ Blog on the go ~ 

Here we are at RWS again. But a different hotel this time round; Festive Hotel. Didn't expect our staycation to happen so soon again.

Due to some Halloween celebrations happening at Sentosa, we jammed almost an hour from the exit of Lower Delta to get into RWS.

Uncle (Jing's father) also excountered the jam. Really paiseh to make him come all the way here just to sign the room for us! Thank you!!! 

Per night is 275 points, which is equivalent to $275. Wth! Why hotel so expensive now ah? 

Night view from my room, not nice as compared to Hard Rock Hotel. But I prefer the toilet here than HRH, hate those crappy seperated no lock toilet! 

Dinner wasn't really satisfying at a newly opened Jap restaurant. So, after putting the kids to bed, me and Bo went for supper with my aunt & cousin!! DIM SUM, fat fat fat!!

The food is gooddddd & price is damn reasonable. I was expecting a more expensive bill cos the place is very high class but no leh, very reasonable as compared to 126. Worth a try! :) 

Also changed my new member card since the member reception is just outside the restaurant. Was very surprised that they didn't downgrade my card cos I've not stepped into the casino for eon years! Even ZY got downgraded liao, why they never downgrade mine huh? 

I was hoping that they downgrade mine cos it's very mafan to change and change the card lor. I don't think I'll step in the casino for the next few years cos I'm totally not interested in gambling one. Don't even play mahjong anymore!  

Kena disturbed up by the two little rascals early in the morning... 

"I want to go swimming!" 
"I very hungry!"

I WANT TO FAINT LIAO! 7 za 8 za! =.=

Festive's swimming pool. No sand, no beer, no fun. But, u can go to HRH's pool anytime, even if you're not a guest of HRH. (Float rental is available @ HRH's pool!)

Relax sia... VERY HOT LOR! Decided to bring her for breakfast instead. BUT, don't know simi daiji, everywhere is so crowded!!! So many pinoys taking photos everywhere. 

This is simi show huh? Why BQQ and XXB inside the show??? And filming inside RWS?? And it keeps repeating, over and over again!!!

Out for breakfast again with Bo and mummy. But everywhere was either too crowded or not opened. People mountain people sea lor!

(While I blog, the sisters are quarreling now. Me and Bo are pretending not to hear and see cos they are very irritating!!!) 

Meimei : "So many swimming pools here hor?"
Me : "Do u want to go inside & swim?"
Meimei : "Cannot. Later I drink the water, die die ah!"

No choice but to eat here. Porridge not bad but fried noodle very dry! 

(Now they two reconciled liao. Very sweet to each other now. Sot! Really don't know to get angry or to laugh.) 

Jiejie said she combed 苏小小's hairstyle for Meimei. Hahahahhaha! Never bring extra clothes so I let her wear mine... Lolol

Extended our check out till 1-2pm. We're slacking inside the hotel, watching that show again. 累!!!!!

The end of our one night stand stay... Meimei can wear this to Halloween? Lol

Lunch @ 风水廷 again. And I guessed the bill correctly. $150.66 for 10 paxs!! Cheap not??? Food tasted better than last night!!! Everything's delicious! Highly recommended! It's inside Crockfords Tower, level 2 (just next to casino VIP entrance), if you wanna know! 

Little camwhore queen. She's the one who keep asking me to take photos for her. 

P/S : All of us zonked out from about 3-7pm. So freaking tired! Meimei 迟早 made me tio UTI again, cos she don't allow me to go toilet, at all!! 

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