Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pandora overdosed!

In less than a month, I suddenly became an owner of 2 Pandora bracelets, lolol.

Don't ask me why, it's a long story, I'm lazy to explain. 

So dear all, I'm gonna let go one of my Pandora at a loss. 

If you aren't sure of your size, this is 17cm on my hand. I'm not skinny FYI.

R.P : Bracelet (17cm) S$124, Cupcake charm S$88. 
Total : S$212.00

Selling @ $170.00 (special price for my reader) nett. Condition 9.5/10. Comes with box, paper bag & receipt. 
You may also buy it separately, no box for individual charm.

Bracelet (17cm) : S$105.00 -SOLD-
Cupcake charm : S$80.00
If you didn't know yet, Pandora price is kinda firm, you can sell at almost the same price even after a few months. It's still under warranty, bought in Aug/Sept 2013. 

Email me @!

Thanks! :)

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