Thursday, October 17, 2013


Walao eh, this stupid bump popped out right after I cooked the tofu yesterday!!! So angry cos I seldom have this kind of hugeass pimple de lor! Don't wanna cook efforts food liao lah! 

I tried very hard to refrain myself from squeezing and touching it cos I'm worried it will get worse and worse and I'm unable to recover by Cheryl's wedding. What can I do to speed up the recovery huh??? :( 

"Mummy, 帮我拍照!" (After sending Jiejie to school!)

Supermarket is my latest hangout place recently. I can go alone or with my kids & spent hours there, like everyday! Lol

On a side note, this is my favourite instant noodle!! I love this but I seldom eat instant noodles though.

She has been asking for seaweed for a long time liao. I thought she was just saying cos she see her classmate has it! Who knows, she likes seaweed so much!! 

Another recipe my friends shared with me. Yummy!! I'm gonna do chicken melts wrap for Raeann to bring to school tomorrow morning!! :)

Asked her to bring me the comb so I can comb her hair for her! She combed herself and tell me "我 comb 好了", lolol! She comb backwards one! Haha

Seriously, staying at home doesn't help with my diet plan at all, even though I don't eat much of what I cooked! I keep thinking (and asking around) what to cook to pass my time! I didn't nap with them these few days cos I scare I cannot zzz at night! Haha (I don't sleep alot one!)

Okay, I go get emo over my hugeass pimple now. Good night! 


  1. Have you try mario badescu products? Apparently, they are really good. I haven't try it myself but I am planning to. There is this product call drying lotion, which could help to reduce the pimple size within overnight or something. I am not sure if it is good for you. Maybe you can read reviews or get advice from doctor before purchasing it.

    1. Wow, sounds amazing!! Where can I buy it???

    2. I just googled!! Sephora selling! But there is cream & lotion. Later I go Sephora ask advice from the staffs there! Thanks for sharing!!! 谢谢!!!

  2. U better ask the staffs how to use because some people shake and mix the product together then use the cotton bud to drip it in the solution and it burns the skins which is wrong. Apparently, there are two layers to the liquids and cannot shake it, you have to drip the cotton bub all the way to the pink 'residue' then put it on your face. Just be careful.

    1. Yah yah I read about it too! Hope it really works for me!! Thank you again!


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