Monday, October 7, 2013

Samsung MV800 for sale!

Very good condition cos I seldom use (Blame it on iP5!) and I'm actually aiming for another "dua leng kong" now. (No choice, I need it for blogger events!) 

Hope to find a new owner for it instead of letting it "sit" at home. 

Market price is around S$200+ to S$300+ now, I'm letting it go at S$200, ONLY for my readers.

I've forgotten what's included in the package but if you're really interested, I can email more photos to you. Email or leave a comment only if you're really sincere about buying.

Meet-up OR Registered postage (additional $5), you decide. 

Thank you! =D


  1. Im interested! But... no $$... =(

    1. If u really interested, U can PM me on FB to discuss a good price. :)

  2. Really interested but hv to ask my hubby... will let u knw sooooon~~~


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