Thursday, October 31, 2013

So sweettttt, I melted!

Brought the kids to JP after work despite having cb migraine (AGAIN!!!) cos I need to get a pair of heels for this Saturday!!

And then, I went to fix my nails today too...

Seriously, I never put in that much effort & spend so much $ when I got married! I think my wedding heels cost like $9.90? Or $19.90? HAHAHAHA 

My wedding is budget kind, so far away from the one I dreamt of. Becos we have no $, so we have to face the reality lah. I refused any help from my parents cos I think I shouldn't? We didn't take a single cent from both our parents for our wedding lor!

Now, I don't even ponder about it anymore. No dream wedding but I get two wonderful kids in return. Not perfect, but always the best in my eyes.

Was telling them I felt so tired & hungry just now. Meimei immediately say, "我煮 macaroni 给你吃 ok?" Damn sweet right!! 

Even though I know she's just saying, cos she's only 2 years old and she can't even go near the stove yet, haha! But she has this thought at only 2 years old, that's enough! Love you, sweetie! 

Gonna miss her alot tomorrow night as she's not coming back home cos I need to go out at around 5am the next day!!! She cannot see me leaving without her lah, she will give hell to everyone!! She's a super light sleeper, remember? 

So lethargic now, good night all! ^.^ 


  1. Hi pretty mummy your darling really so sweet. Awww. Mine is 5yr old but never say such thing before only becoming more and more naughty till i can't tahan anymore. SOmetimes really feel like hack care will be more happier. Sigh.

    How is the homemade detox drink effort? Actually what is the use of this drink huh?

    Thank you.
    From a mummy always envy you."v

    1. Lol, both my girls are very naughty as well. I'm sure every kid has their own way to please their parents, yours included.

      Actually, I also don't know what's the use of that drink, I just do it for fun, lol. It taste very cucumber-y but quite refreshing. You can try it lah.


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