Monday, October 14, 2013

Still the same old me lah!

If you're a long time reader of this blog, I believe you'd have notice a change in my blogging style since about 1 year ago?

An avid blog reader turned friend told me that my blog is becoming unreal now. (His meaning of unreal = I don't blog much about my feelings now. Hmm, u think so too?) 

I replied, "becos I'm feeling happy everyday & I don't hold my unhappiness for long now. I do get angry/sad lah, but not long lor. I forget such nonsense very fast & easily nowadays. I see no point wasting my time to be depress when I can choose to be happy. People get sick reading/listening to complaint, likewise, I get sick of complaining too". 

And in the past, I blogged about my WANTS & HAVE. Now, I only blog about my HAVE. 
Example :-

Past : I want to buy this buy that leh, nice or not huh?
Now : I bought this & that! Yay! 

1) I met copy cat but I became the copy cat instead. 

I know it's childish to say this, but it's really fucking frustrating when u wanted to buy something, then someone who is so dying to copy you, go and buy it first after reading your blog, then u unknowingly become the copy cat instead. Anyone feels me???

(I actually realised that, people who said that they're not bothered by copy cats is becos they're the copy cats themselves, lol!)

P/S : Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying people who asked me what/where I buy my stuffs & etc. (I'm always very willing to share lah!) But implying people who like to "gei siao", love copying every single thing secretly then pretend that they never do it. Nothing wrong admitting it, I feel?

2) Actions speak louder than words!!! 

I see no point mentioning things which might not even happen. Waste my time to even think about it! 

Other than that, I'm still the same old me. I think I've changed for the better, isn't it something good? I'm happy for myself! :) 


Taught her spelling in the morning to prepare for Wednesday! Prepared her early cos I need to go and pick Meimei. Brought them for lunch at IMM before sending Raeann to school. 

Anyone remembers Dalang? Lol

She told me she's not very hungry but end up eating like a giant lor. 

Half price; both for $19.90. Wanted to get Havaianas for them but cannot find there!

I also bought twelve cupcakes home but it was all ruined on the way back! :(  

Cupcakes Woe : CANNOT DECIDE WHICH ONE TO EAT. I cannot afford to eat all becos I think I'll vomit + I need to watch my weight!! SIANZ! 

Cute flip flops on fat feet!

Don't know what they were playing lah! 

Alright, Meimei's asleep now. Need to do CPF then going to cook dinner for them liao. Macaroni soup for their dinner cos they requested for it! Ok, bye! 


  1. The first pic after thr flip flop pics looks like 谈判pic. Hahaha.. raechelle like 大姐大要收保护费。haha

    1. Yah, hahahahaha! She just told me "我屁股没有很臭" suddenly. So funny!

  2. I also laugh at the same photo! LOL! 真的很像在“谈判”。LOL!! ~Shirley

    1. I think so too eh, lol. Maybe she's really doing so??? Hahahaha


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