Sunday, October 6, 2013

The wake-up face!

Good morning! 

Sigh, hate that mild black "stain" on my cheek left by pimple squeezing last time!! Hah! What can I do to whiten it huh?? 

Bliss waking up to them but not when their 铁头 "kok" on my face everytime without warning!!! Sometimes, it even comes with a bruise! Thank god I never do my nose, else confirm crooked one! No intention to do it anyway!

好就很好, now fighting again!! Haiz... 

1 min later, playing together again. 真是 buay tahan 她们!!! 

Edited : 4:30pm @ CCK

Woohoo! The husband changed a new 'Despicable Me' screen protector (front & back) and a new transparent case with purple bumper for me!!! My phone looks like a new phone now!! 

Then, while waiting for all the phones to be done, I went to cut my fringe at one of the ulu salon nearby, HAHAHAHA! ZY said it's damn ugly! Ok, I think so too, lol! 

My daughter has the "BEST" fashion sense ever! 

Baby niece; Lerswen! Baby scent is so nice!!! :) All babies are soooooooo cute! Love love!

Random (Helping my BIL & SIL to ask!) : Hello, anyone interested to buy accessory earrings?? Prepare your X'mas gifts early!! (In fact, I've already started preparing liao lor, lol!) 

$4.90/pair, 2 pairs for $8.00.

$4.90/pair, 2 pairs for $8.00.

Unicorn - $5.00 per piece. (One side only!) 

$4.90/pair, 2 pairs for $8.00.

Price as stated!

P&H @ $1.00 nett! Buy 3 pairs & above get free (normal) postage! 

Comment with the code(s) and email, they will get back to you shortly! 


  1. Sisters are like that.. when young me n my bro also like that. 好的时候很好, 不好时候就打架! Haha

    1. Hanor! I think siblings who fight will be closer when they grow up! Hahaha

  2. Hi babe, where do you buy your new iphone casing at and how much is it? which ulu salon do you cut your hair at? is it a nice salon anot? was looking for a nice salon to have a haircut? where do you usually bring your kids to cut their hair at? Sorry for so many questions at a time and thank you so much for taking time to reply. Love!!!

    1. The transparent case cost $10+, bought it at a hp shop in Keat Hong. The salon is just 2-3 shop beside the hp shop. I'm not sure if it's nice cos it's my first time there. I anyhow cut my hair in any salon, lol. Raeann also, anyhow one. Meimei's hair is cut by me, hahahah!


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