Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why they so sticky?!

Other kids fight over toys, mine always fight over MUMMY; me! (Do I look like a toy to them?) Urghhhh! Lectured till I almost go crazy liao! Walao eh, need to be so sticky or not!

Just now at JCube, mum, Bo & ZY visioned this scenario - both fought, want me to hold their hand, cannot let others hold. Meimei hugged my leg and said, "mummy is mine" and pushed Raeann away. Raeann fought back of cos! (This always happen!!!) 

So ZY came over, pulled them away from each other and told them, "mummy is mine, not you all one", lolol! 3 of them fighting over me, I'm suffocated. Wonder if I suddenly die one day, what will happen huh??? 

After many days of 忍耐, I finally took a needle this afternoon, to poke the bump and tried to squeeze out everything inside - water & blood. 

The bump is not as huge as before but there's still a bump there, WHY!!! Gonna use the banana peel method Eling posted on her blog! Waiting for the banana to be super ripe now! (Well, I went to Sephora JEM to search for the Mario lotion a reader intro-ed me, but they don't have it. It's only available at Taka & Ion outlets!) 

P/S : Will do the makeup post when my skin recovers ok! Super troubled by it now! 

Dinner here cos it's bro's birthday on the 24th. 

She always play with wet tissue!!! Say want to clean face, table, floor, chair & everywhere! I always tell her, "wet tissue very expensive you know!" 

Jing secretly baked these yesterday!!! Nice hor! 


My ears are extremely full this whole week, becos they keep complaining to me. Now, I'm not sure if I'm teaching them the right thing or not - anything please tell mummy (or the adults), 不可以打架

Machiam asking them to be complain queens leh, everything also complain. (Becos when they fight, I'll lecture or cane them.) 

I don't wish them to resort to violence, neither do I want them to (only know how to) cry for help when they get bullied. At this age, they do not know what's "ignorance is bliss". Need advises on this! Help!!!


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.