Friday, October 18, 2013


Omg! This is even more delicious than yesterday's! Even Mary said so! Hope Raeann likes her breakfast cos I painstakingly woke up early in the morning to prepare it for her! 

Used fresh boiled chicken! 

Fried egg! And plenty of cheese!


Walao, siao liao lah! Today's Meimei's photo taking session, I've plain forgotten about it!!! Forgot to tie her hair! Omg, that mushroom head... Why I so forgetful!!! 

But hahahahhaha, her teachers said her Dalang hairstyle looks cuter and more natural, lolol! 

Raeann said don't need to give her $ & took her own $ to buy two concert tickets for us. She wants to treat us to watch her concert, lol! $4 only lah, but it's the thought that counts right! 

Long time no makeup/dress up liao!!! Wootz! Feels good! :) 

Now at my aunt's place, going to pick Raeann up in awhile then bring the kiddos for lunch liao! (Have been watching some dramas on TV lately. Spotted a few nice series! The one playing at the background is one of them, heehee!)

See ya! =D 

(Oh yah, so grateful & happy to have blog readers sharing good stuffs with me. This shows that you people treat me like your friend, come here to discuss/share good stuffs together! ^.^) 

Edited : 5:32pm 

Supposed to end at 1:30pm but the concert rehearsal was dragged till around 1:50pm. Raeann was so exhausted, she said she danced more than 10 times, lol! 

Brought them for lunch at JEM and one sec sch senior came over and say 'hi' and joined us. Had a nice time catching up with him lah! 

Wah, this Meimei hor, scary one. I went to Lovisa to buy some accessories (thanks Eling for her intro and advices). During the choosing & paying process, Meimei was walking around the whole shop by herself, till I left the shop and hided at one corner, she was still in her own world, walking around.

Then, she realised that we were not around anymore, she never cry hor. Instead, she walked to the salesgirl and ask "where my mummy?" 

WTH! Why she lidat one huh? Bring her out I damn stress sia. Not she scare to lose me but I'm damn scare to lose her! That's why most of the time, I prefer to carry her! Not becos she refused to walk, but cos she likes to walk by herself too much!!! 

High tea! Life of a SAHDNM, can forget about slimming down! 

Their ice cream is fantabulous! Damn nice lah. Damn cheap cos of their promotion. One waffle + ice cream & one drink only cost $7.90 nett! It's enough for 3 of us liao! 

Life's great! I think I'll miss sucha life when I get back to work! Haha

Ending my day with...

My husband think I'm very skinny lor, keep forcing me to eat with him!! (I ate one tiny piece! So sinful!) 

Hahaha, I think he's worried he will get hungry at night again. Last night, he kept pestering me to cook wraps for him, I ignored him and went to zzz. He complained, said I only care for the kids. Lol


And then, he LS this morning. He told Bo he very 可怜, nothing to eat so he ate air, then become "pong hong", that's why LS. Hahahahahahahah! Super lame!! 


  1. Hi pretty mummy. Love your makeup on this blog. Mind share how you do this makeup? Look so smooth even the pimple you mention are gone. Will you do a blog on how you do your makeup? Love you the way you are. Envy you so much with so much love. Thank you so much.

    1. Lol, cos I edited this photo with filter! That's why my skin looks smoother! :)

    2. Will do a review about it soon, hopefully before I go back to work k! Cos if go back work liao, blogging mood may lessen by half! Lol

  2. So sweet of Raeann to use her own money to buy 2 concert tickets for u all.

    1. She's sweet in a way but also damn irritating in a way too! Depends on her mood!!!

  3. Hello mummy, maybe u can try making fruits wrap it's yummy n appetising ;) kids love it

    1. I actually got thought of it yesterday! But I think need to put cream or something else the fruits will drop out??? Any recipe?? :)

  4. Yeah pretty mummy will be waiting for your review, hope to see it asap. Love your natural makeup so much.

    By the way the makeup base you using from Etude house when apply will it feel sticky on the face or look sticky or oily without putting powder on? Thank you babe.

    1. Thank you!! :))

      Nope, Étude house choux face is very Matt kind. Not oily after applying, that's why sometimes I forget to put loose powder also!


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