Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zhu can cook, so can you!!!

This post is ALL about food. If you're hungry now, I'll suggest you to read it later... Hahaha

Brought Raeann to the doctor then went to market this morning, rushed home to cook this so when Meimei comes back from school, she can has it for brunch. 

Raeann's the one who requested for it, she had a big plate even though she's not feeling very well (caught a flu, thank god no fever). Just like me, she likes cheesy food. 

I only ate a mouthful of it cos I think it's very fattening leh. What a torture, can see cannot eat!! 

Bought a kampong chicken this morning becos I wanna cook the Ginseng soup pack I bought from Korea, which has been lying there since March. 

Eh, I thought it will taste very strong & smelly (cos I dislike ginseng), but ok leh, quite nice lor! Wonder if SG Korean Supermarket got sell this or not! 

And, thanks to Theresa who shared this blog with me, I bought the ingredients to cook "Seafood Tofu" too! 

Seems easy but I don't know yet, till I try later! Will update after trying! :)))))

Will also be cooking steam egg with mince meat, the kids' favorite! As for the green, shall leave it to Mary cos I don't know how to cook vege one! 

Just fixed their wardrobe cos it's damaged! Haha! I also can be a carpenter liao! 

Their clothes are omg ALOT, I wanna die packing already! All the cupboards are full with two additional big baskets. Wth! Raeann refused to let me throw those 'nua nua' ones cos she said that's the most comfy! So Aunty! Haha! Reallyreallyneedtostopbuyingthen!! 

Okay, since both of them are asleep, I'll start peeling & chopping the ingredients now... Till later! 

Edited : 7:04pm

Only two words to describe; JIN SIONG! It's not difficult, ingredients are cheap too (egg tofu 30 cents each, fish paste $2, prawns & coriander leave from home, lol), but too many steps & too time consuming liao (maybe I'm slow), I doubt I'll do it again. 累死我了!  

And, luckily I never add any salt/soy sauce cos the fish paste is already salty! I never expect it's soooo salty one lor! Take note of this if you wanna try! :) 

Cooking is so tiring... No wonder I dislike it! Lol

P/S : Everything's emptied, so happy! =D

Forgot to mention, I did this easy peasy mini pizza bread the other day too! Honey taught me how to do it de! Raeann likes it leh, she even dabao to it school! Super easy to do! Just put all the toppings on the bread and toast it for about 10-15 mins! 

My friends gave me alot of recipes on FB lah, am gonna try it day by day! Love all my sharing friends load! SAHM's schedule very packed, with food, lol! Wonder how much weight I'll gain!!! :(

(Remember to buy wraps tomorrow!)

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