Saturday, November 30, 2013

After a long time...

Went to look for my friends after a blogger event (will blog about it soon) last evening... They always ask me "Zhu, when are you free to meet us huh?".

Have been kinda busy and lazy lately, like no mood to go out at night eh. But I know it's high time to meet them lor, for a talk cock sing song session.

That place is so difficult to find parking lot!!!! Omg, I waited about 20-30 mins for one! The basement one also FULL, everywhere FULL. 

Ah Zen's very nice lah! (He always look after me like a little sister!) Told him I feel like eating something and he offered to buy this for me, at the hawker opposite. (Or was it the KPT beside? I don't know!) 

There were a few others but I didn't take photos with them cos I don't know them well ah... These two people here really watched me 'grow'. 11 years and counting... 

This is surprisingly nice!!! Someone treated us one! Can eat the whole thing one leh, including the head and bones (but I never lah, I peeled it out). 

Ah Zen said he's very tired cos I keep "attracting" people to our table. People treated us beer, treated us food, asked me to sing duet with them & etc. LOL, I thought they were his friends cos I saw them talking to him first mah. But he said that they're using him as a "bridge" to know me, lolol. 

Anyway, I always declare that "I'M MARRIED WITH TWO KIDS" when I'm out. I don't hide this fact becos I'm out to chill with my friends and not to know other guys. Self discipline even though I'm sampat sampat. Haha 

No idea which of his friend/coll bought a big bag of rambutan to pub! Haha, I told him next time we buy durian okay! Hahaha

No hangover nor headache cos I didn't drink much, I ate more in fact, lol! Gonna bring the kids out later!!! :) 

Edited : 8:33pm

Not sure if you guys remember about the chicken coupon I bought from Qoo10 two months ago?? Yah, I collected it today, like finally!!! 

It looks good & taste ok (maybe cos it's cold when I reached home) but I probably won't buy it again cos it's too troublesome! First, it's far, at Plaza Singapura. Second, have to make booking one day in advance! It's like I've to purposely make a trip down to collect it lor. 

Like today, it's raining so heavily till I don't wish to go out cos I'm afraid of flood and fallen trees. I'm perfectly fine driving in rain, but I don't wish to stuck in flood and damage my car and I don't wish to be crush by fallen trees. Natural disaster, nobody can predict and prevent. 

But I've no choice becos I've already made the booking! And today is the last day liao! Luckily everything went smooth. 

Thankful that the kids were cooperative. And thank god for the smooth journey back and fro, despite the rainy wet weather.

And becos they were well behaved, I promised to bring them to arcade and gave them $10 to play. Well, I'm very noob and bad at playing games so the $10 were gone in split seconds, lol. 

Since young, I've never like to waste money in arcade. My parents used to bring us there when we were young and gave us like $10 or $20 each, but I always save the money up. So I'll end up walking around the arcade without spending a single cent. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat

Another fantastic item intro-ed by E-ling. She's so pro in all these (and accessories) and she's so friendly, kind and helpful, always the first person that came to my mind when I need any advises. She always share good stuff with me one, so grateful to her! =)

But she bought it from a push cart and the price is 4 times this amount. So when I saw this offer on Qoo10, 'mai tu liao', immediately clicked 'BUY', lol. 

Don't hate me, I'm just helping you all to shop wisely. I buy to trial and error then intro all the good ones to you all, better than you all anyhow buy right? =X

It comes with batteries and 4 extra sponges.

Hmm, first time trying it today... 

Well, the VDL CC Cream is good on it's own, coverage is damn good & very smooth finish. I cannot resist and went to buy the full size already. (Had a chat with Michelle last night and she also said that VDL CC Cream is very very good!) 

Enprani helps to achieve a even more smoother and even finish. I'm supposed to put the cream on my face instead of the sponge but I don't wanna dirty my hand lah. (Okay, I'm lazy to wash my hand, haha!)

P/S : Found another usage; it helps to massage our eye area when using it.  

BUT, my face is rotting now. So, no matter how good the coverage is, I still see the spots there, DAMN. HATE HATE HATE IT, gimme back my clear complexion please! I want flawless skin!!! 

Sorry, no mood to take photos now! Sibei depressed and emo.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shop till we drop Sunday!

Date : 24th November 2013, Sunday
Venue : Vivo City

How much she has grown, already fitting well in jiejie's 3/4 years old dress!! My jiejie is so petite, which I like!!! My mum said petite ladies won't look old one, I kinda agree!! IMHO, it's a blessing to be able to look younger than your actual age! :) So Meimei ah, please please please don't grow too tall/big sized har! Haha #justsaying #pleasedonottakeittooserious

Friday, November 22, 2013

@-- Persian Rose Exclusive Black Box --@

Sponsored Review 

Black Box in collaboration with Persian Rose, an established UK brand that just reached Singapore, to release the Persian Rose Exclusive Black Box.

This exclusive black box contains the Persian Rose Pampering Kit :

Organic Rosewater Mist [100ml]
Rose Hand Cream [10ml]
Rose Day Cream SPF 15 [10ml] 
Rose & Aloe Vera Gel [10ml]

Honestly, they smell really good (abit like bundung? lol), I like it! The packaging damn cute lah! I put the hand cream inside my bag and bring it out everyday!

The Persian Rose Exclusive Black Box [worth $82.50] will be available for sale at S$50.00 starting 22 November 2013 (today!!!). This is very, very exclusive and there are only 300 Persian Rose Exclusive Black Box available.

Persian Rose Exclusive Black Box will be available for purchase at:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deed Poll

Realised that I haven been blogging stuff about myself, my feeling, jokes and etc. Life has been pretty much the same, everyday doing the same thing and I don't wish to bore you guys out with my same ol' boring updates all the time lah.

Anyhow, here are some updates about me, myself and I...

Did a deed poll recently with my mum's lawyer friend, to add in "Joanne" to my IC. (I've been using this name since Primary school days but didn't add it in cos my mum was worried that I'll change it, lol!) It costs around $100+ if you're interested to know. I haven change my IC yet, still waiting for letter to come next year so I only need to pay $10 to do a new one. Yes, at 30 years old, they will send you a letter to do a new IC at $10! But if you have changed a new one (within 10 years) before 30 years old, you will not be eligible for it, that's what happened to ZY and he had to pay $60 for it!

P/S : Sorry for the wrong info earlier! My mistake, I'm sorry! 

So, the husband went to do a new IC and he said that he need to go and collect it today. When he brought up this topic, I told him about the deed poll I did. Then he went... "how much ah?" 

Me : Cheap only lah!
ZY : Aiya, why never tell me earlier? I also want to put!
Me : Huh? What name you wanna put? Don't tell me that 鸭洞 hor.
ZY : Aiya, you don't know one lah, this name so sut.

Okay, his name on FB is DARC HO, which is pronounced as "DUCK HOLE", so am I not right to say 鸭洞??? LOLOL! Anyway, he knows that I'm just joking around. 

We always joke around with each other, this is our life. Bargain about money, argue about kids' responsibilities and.... fight over the fan, hahahahahhaha.  

Sigh, I'm actually quite stress (until pop pimple lor) over the photoshoot becos I'm not a model, I don't know how to pose and I'm worried I'll make the photographer vomit blood. Moreover, I know I'm not young to do all these anymore but I just wanna give it a try lah, do something I like when I'm still alive, don't wanna die with regret in future mah, lolol. For this, I'm very very thankful to my forever supportive mum!!! She's not those spontaneous kind of supportive but she never pour any "cold water" on me and always listen when I tell her. 

Unlike the stupid husband whom never failed to pour cold water on whatever things I do. But now, I'm numb already lah. To the extend, I don't even wanna tell him anything anymore, lolol. I wanna listen to my own heart, block all negative comments and JUST DO IT. It's now or never, lol. 

Anyway, do "like" joanne-says FB page cos I'm posting all the live short updates (photos/videos) there, which I didn't post it here. Or, you may also follow me on Instagram, my nick is "joanne_says". I'm quite inactive on Instagram though.

Ok lah, gtg now.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[1st] Pink Nail Studio


18th November 2013; I made my first visit to Pink Nail Studio, which is my nails sponsor for a year. Located along Jurong West St 41, a little cosy pink shop which catches the attention of many becos everything is pretty in pink! Love the pink comfortable chair the most lah! Anyway, my contract is supposed to start on 1st December de, but remember my broken hallux nail?

So I seek help from the cute pretty boss (Esther) as I need to have pretty nails for photoshoot lah. She is really very nice cos she refused to charge me even when I insisted to pay (cos my contract not started yet mah). 

Sidetrack : Really leh, 我不认老不行咯, all the girls out there so young and capable now!!! 

I really really like how Esther handled my nails; fast, swift, careful & professional. She took less than one hour to fix my finger nails - soak & remove previous gelish, file and shape, remove cuticles & apply new gelish. (No choice, cos photographer requested a change of color!) Also, I like her straight forward attitude, like if the color not suitable/nice, she will say directly. I likey!!! 

Then another pretty girl, Huizhen did my toes. So all in all, everything was done in less than 1 hour 30 mins. Super duper fast lah!

Latest colors! Nice hor!

The photographer requested for a pink shade but not blink blink type. We both agreed on this color coincidentally. Esther also suggested this color! Nice hor? By the way, can you see that one of my hallux nail is fake??? It's so fitting till I swear nobody can see it's fake!

LOVE how vibrant this color this! My wallet and card holder both in this color too! =)

(Aiya, I'm trying to cover up my irritating pimple!! Damn, why recently keep popping pimple??? Too excited or what!!! LOL)

Used to think that Jurong doesn't have any reliable nail salon which I like, the ones I visited before are either too slow or too expensive. You see, it doesn't have to be branded or posh to "let" one feel that you're good. I don't believe in all these especially after I met with the "Wax in the ccb" incident, if you know ah, lol. 

I'd prefer a small cosy shop with 1-1 service @ reasonable price. (Don't have to wait and wait and wait and wait lor and pocket won't have a big hole!) And now, I finally found one which I really like. Nope, it's not becos of the sponsorship, nothing to do with it, I personally like this nail salon & the girls there lah (all of them very friendly & 健谈). Even if there's no sponsorship and I happened to find this nail salon, I'll also love & recommend them! Now, I feel that I'm so so so lucky! =D (I know I'm not young anymore lor!) 

So, girls who are staying in Jurong kampung like me, you know where you can go and fix your nails now. I assured that you won't regret! Guarantee + chop ah! 

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Monday, November 18, 2013

The City @ Liang Court

Date : 16th November 2013

Last week appointment was postponed to this week cos Meimei was very unwell. 

Initially, PY jio-ed to go zoo one, but I saw mummy Geraldine posted on FB about this place few days ago and I gave the link to PY, saying that we can bring the kids there one day, she then decided to go this place instead. I agreed immediately cos it looks really interesting & zoo is very tiring lah. Lol

Address : #03-04A Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, (S)179030
Tel : 6250 6507

80 "likes" Giveaway

Wow! Thank you for giving me face ah! It hit 80 already! Appreciated. Don't worry, 我很会做人的. Lolol

Alright, as promised, I'm gonna do a Giveaway... 

A box of 5 sheets Kao Megurism Thermal Steam Eye Mask (Rose)

If u don't already know, this is recommended by 女人我最大 & also raved by many people. (You may go & google about it!) 


Googled already??? Good hor? Lol

Okay, to be fair, I shall hold this Giveaway on Joanne-says FB page. You just have to "like" Joanne-says page then "like" the Giveaway post and I shall choose one winner among the "likers" randomly on 22nd November 13. Normal postage will be included. 

 Easy right! Wish you good luck! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black Box ~ October 2013


Hello people, these are all the awesome stuff inside Black Box October edition. Honestly, I can't think of any reason not to subscribe to Black Box cos all their products featured are really awesome and best of all, IT'S FREE. 
What is Black Box?

Black Box is the first free unisex lifestyle sampling box in Singapore.

Black Box brings to you with each edition pleasant surprises coupled with loads of fun, rewards and a healthy dose of curiosity satisfied – without costing a fraction of a penny.

All you have to do is subscribe on and it’s absolutely FREE! FB for updates and exciting Giveaway Friday:

Black Box gives you opportunities to not just sample products but also to sample lifestyle treats via Black Box Vouchers! The Black Box team is constantly on the lookout for exquisite shopping/spa/dining deals and discounts to share with Black Box subscribers.

Black Box also wants to provide an all-rounded sampling experience, therefore you will not find 2 moisturizer samples, or 2 hand cream samples in the same Black Box, because otherwise how would you know which to try out first right?

We also encourage our subscribers to try out the samples immediately and give us their feedback, therefore Black Box also gives subscribers a chance to win full sized items if they complete a survey on the samples that they received in their very own Black Box and submit to Black Box via a simple online link within a limited period of time.

Black Box’s website ( has recently gotten a facelift! Hop over to to take a look now! (I know I very thick-skinned to print screen my own photo, hahaha!)

With the enhanced features of our new website, you can have more control over your Black Box subscription by logging in through our website using your user ID & Password.

If you are currently a Black Box subscriber, you will have received your user ID & Password in your email.

Exciting Black Box features:
  • Black Box Subscription/Eligibility Status (real-time) 
  • New Balloting system for redemption of Free Black Boxes.  
  • Update your subscription details 
  • Purchase Exclusive Black Boxes 
  • Secure your Free Black Boxes by paying for your own courier fee

Eligibility to receive Black Box is dependent on: 
  1. Every Black Box subscriber will have 1 chance at balloting for Black Box. You can ballot for Black Box here:
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Fun fact: 
Black Box has sent out more than 13,500 FREE Black Boxes right to the doorsteps of our subscribers to surprise and entice them with an all-rounded sampling experience & useful vouchers with lifestyle deals and discounts since we first launched our 1st edition in February 2013! 

We have conducted more than 26 rounds weekly giveaways via Giveaway Friday on our Facebook Fan Page! []


Today, I'm going to do a review on some of the products inside Black Box October edition... 

VDL CC Cream, SPF25. PA++

Do you know...?

CC cream, also known as Color Control cream, or Color Correcting cream is reputed to include sun protection, along with better skincare properties (such as anti-aging, hydration, blemish prevention etc.) and treatment of uneven skin tones (reducing the appearance of skin redness or sallowness).

OMG, just look at how well VDL CC Cream blends into my skin, so sheer, non-oily and non-cakey, giving a flawless & radiant finish. No joke, this is good! Furthermore, this CC Cream is resistant to perspiration & sebum secretion! Which means, your makeup will not "melt" even when you stand under the hot sun for few hours! Tested & proven, I'm sold!

LoveMore Eye Patch

Double sealed carefully in a pack. Unlike those I've used before, this is in gel form. Smooth smooth like jelly, love the touch, haha! 

I'm not sure if it's only me, there's a "minty" feel when putting it & I quite like the feeling. Said to helps diminish dark eyes circles from its root! Bye bye panda eyes!! P/S : Do not leave it on for more than 20 mins okay? 

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion <Sebum>

My SIL said it's very good and she's on her 2nd bottle already. I must agree that it's very good. Water based, non-oily & effective!  

As you can see from my photos, how easy & fast my waterproof liquid eyeliner & pencil eyeliner were being removed cleanly. As stated, there's no need for double cleansing using facial foam when using this! 

Nuxe Mini Brightening BB Cream SPF30

I've not use BB cream for a long long time cos I find it too thick and oily for my current liking. But then hor, this is so matt, sheer, mild, and non-greasy. I apply too little huh? *shrug* Becos it already contain SPF30 PA+++, so I skipped my sunblock. However, due to it's matte finish, I guess moisturizer is a need before applying this. This helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots on your face!!!

GlucosCare Tea

Not sure if you read my brief review about GlucosCare Tea 2 months back, I love this sugar blocker tea lor. It tasted like any normal tea, light and refreshing. 

But if you are one who dislike tea taste, you can add in a slice of lemon. I'd prefer it without lemon though! 

Drink after dinner everyday, it helps in slimming!!! Been receiving emails from readers asking me about slimming. I don't have any formula. But I drink detox drink/tea (without laxative) & exercise lah! I'm not slim anyway!!! 

Zappy Sampler Pack

This pack is soooooo good for outdoor activities, especially when you have to bring kids along. They're so brilliant to come up with wipes cos it's convenient and easier to bring out. Parents out there, you will love this!!! 

Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste

I'm very very sure ALL of you have heard/seen this before - 黑人牙膏; Darlie (formerly known as 'Darkie') Toothpaste. My parents have been using this brand for a long time!!! I love how refreshing my breath is after using. 

Photo Credit : Yahoo! 

Honestly, what I remember about this toothpaste is the logo, I like it, ahahahahahha. 

Love how detailed Black Box is, there's a slip inside, stating where you can buy those products & the price! So if you really like what you have tried, you know where you can get it! Don't have to waste money getting full-sized but end up not suitable for it! Right?

And hey, you can have your very own free Black Box too! (Courier fee will be included for every successful balloting! ^.^)

Simply subscribe at and and key in “JoanneBB” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box! 

Also, “like” Black Box on Facebook because they have exciting Giveaway Fridays and the latest promotions on their Facebook page! 

(If you have not done so!)