Saturday, November 30, 2013

After a long time...

Went to look for my friends after a blogger event (will blog about it soon) last evening... They always ask me "Zhu, when are you free to meet us huh?".

Have been kinda busy and lazy lately, like no mood to go out at night eh. But I know it's high time to meet them lor, for a talk cock sing song session.

That place is so difficult to find parking lot!!!! Omg, I waited about 20-30 mins for one! The basement one also FULL, everywhere FULL. 

Ah Zen's very nice lah! (He always look after me like a little sister!) Told him I feel like eating something and he offered to buy this for me, at the hawker opposite. (Or was it the KPT beside? I don't know!) 

There were a few others but I didn't take photos with them cos I don't know them well ah... These two people here really watched me 'grow'. 11 years and counting... 

This is surprisingly nice!!! Someone treated us one! Can eat the whole thing one leh, including the head and bones (but I never lah, I peeled it out). 

Ah Zen said he's very tired cos I keep "attracting" people to our table. People treated us beer, treated us food, asked me to sing duet with them & etc. LOL, I thought they were his friends cos I saw them talking to him first mah. But he said that they're using him as a "bridge" to know me, lolol. 

Anyway, I always declare that "I'M MARRIED WITH TWO KIDS" when I'm out. I don't hide this fact becos I'm out to chill with my friends and not to know other guys. Self discipline even though I'm sampat sampat. Haha 

No idea which of his friend/coll bought a big bag of rambutan to pub! Haha, I told him next time we buy durian okay! Hahaha

No hangover nor headache cos I didn't drink much, I ate more in fact, lol! Gonna bring the kids out later!!! :) 

Edited : 8:33pm

Not sure if you guys remember about the chicken coupon I bought from Qoo10 two months ago?? Yah, I collected it today, like finally!!! 

It looks good & taste ok (maybe cos it's cold when I reached home) but I probably won't buy it again cos it's too troublesome! First, it's far, at Plaza Singapura. Second, have to make booking one day in advance! It's like I've to purposely make a trip down to collect it lor. 

Like today, it's raining so heavily till I don't wish to go out cos I'm afraid of flood and fallen trees. I'm perfectly fine driving in rain, but I don't wish to stuck in flood and damage my car and I don't wish to be crush by fallen trees. Natural disaster, nobody can predict and prevent. 

But I've no choice becos I've already made the booking! And today is the last day liao! Luckily everything went smooth. 

Thankful that the kids were cooperative. And thank god for the smooth journey back and fro, despite the rainy wet weather.

And becos they were well behaved, I promised to bring them to arcade and gave them $10 to play. Well, I'm very noob and bad at playing games so the $10 were gone in split seconds, lol. 

Since young, I've never like to waste money in arcade. My parents used to bring us there when we were young and gave us like $10 or $20 each, but I always save the money up. So I'll end up walking around the arcade without spending a single cent. 


  1. Meimei driving like a pro. Lol.. so cute..

    1. Haha, she always tell me she wanna drive drive...

    2. Lol. Think she will loves to drive alot when she grows up. Next time she will be ur driver driving you around.


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