Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can't wait to go P1 now!

P1 school orientation this morning @ 9am... 

Finally, it's over now. Still gotta go back and submit the giro form next week! 

She's not scare, saw her talking to her classmates already. In fact, she looked happy! 

Every kid is given a goodie bag upon leaving. 

And it contains her favourite color pencils!!! Now, she can't wait to go P1 liao, excitedly tell me, "GOT LIBRARY & ROBOT TEAM ONE LEH". Am glad!

Books, all packed nicely. Some of the things are not necessary but ZY bought as he's lazy to queue separately! 

Uniform; I was queuing with Raeann when Meimei suddenly become cranky and wanna look for me. ZY cannot 'gao dim' her so he asked to exchange role with me. Hahaha, I saved $!!! Woohoo!! 

Got food can already lah! 

The teacher taught us to change all the ten cents to give them pocket money during the first few months. I'm gonna follow his method. 

Will need to wake up earlier next year cos she needs to reach student care by 8am. Now I think think, I've no idea if I made the right choice to put her to student care? Everything's too expensive now. Sigh

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