Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chris & Cheryl ♥ 2nd Nov 2013

Warmest congratulations to Chris & Cheryl. 
♥ Have a blissful marriage!!! ♥

It's sucha memorable day, had so much fun and laughter even though I really dislike the pom pom skirt, lol. Becos of the outfit, I don't dare to eat much for the past few days!!!! Phewz! I CAN FINALLY EAT NOW!!!! :)

I'm dead beat cos I woke up at 3:50am!!! Machiam my own wedding lor! I woke up even earlier than the bride! But I managed to steal a 2 hours nap after the morning battle, woke up with a headache though! :(

With chio chio and funny Pearly. I was kinda shock she reached so early!!!

Photo Credit : Chu Wee
Arranging the "branded outfits" for the brothers.

We didn't have much disgusting food/drinks cos we are kind people. We don't wish the groom & brothers to get stomachache lor. Haha! No lah! Actually, Cheryl is the one planning everything, we were only following her instructions. Even our sisters' outfit, she decide and buy for us de!

More of games, the brothers complained that we were too lenient!!!!

Photo Credit : Chu Wee

Photo Credit : Chu Wee
Hahahaha, look at that bunch of HAIR, lolololol.

This is super duper funny. We were all laughing so hard. They damn sporting hor!!!

Photo Credit : Chu Wee

Photo Credit : Chu Wee

Photo Credit : Chu Wee
Funny & sporting brothers, all of them are so cute! Really fun!

Journey to Punggol! 

Inside the car, I was so sleepy so I took photos to keep myself awake!!!

Took over the wheel on the way back to Jurong so no photos! The brother is very steady to trust me although we only met each other for the first time, haha! 

Went home to KO and woke up at 3pm to prepare!! Need to reach hotel at 5pm but I was late cos I went to salon to set my hair...

Made myself older cos Pearly said I've baby face!! First time hearing such compliment leh!!! 

From Uncle Jay's DSLR. With the two MCs; Nora & Arjuna! Went up to the hotel room to help Nora stick fake lashes! Both of them are so cute! 

Many people said we look alike, one mistaken me as the bride, another came to ask me, "你是 Cheryl 的妹妹 huh?" LOL! Think even Cheryl's parents & relatives said so. (Even Raeann said so!) DO WE? We still don't feel so leh. But Cheryl said, in future people ask again, just tell them "yes, we are sisters" so they will stop asking, lol.

Sibei ho liaoz! No wonder so expensive!

Lady Gaga 2, hahahah! Honestly, she's damn pretty tonight!!

Becos I went alone, I was placed to sit with Cheryl's sec sch mates and Elaine (the popular blogger) was one of them. She's so pretty, friendly & kind in real life! :)

This photo was taken by her power camera! It's so good and I feel like buying  it! Why I never strike 4D tonight?! It's one number I dreamt of on Thursday!!! I told my mum lor, but we never buy! :( 

P/S : Just realised my head look so big in this hairstyle, haha! But luckily not my wedding so nevermind! 

This charbor changed 5 outfits for the whole day. Once in a lifetime, must make full use of it man. She's so slim & petite and thus, whatever she wears, it's beautiful!!! One of the happiest bride I've ever seen. Congrats my dear "sister"!!! Feel so happy for you!

The 世纪婚礼 has finally completed. I feel so relieved now.  

Oh yah, I thank god the video montage of the morning highlight didn't turn out as horrible as I expect. Quite okay in fact! Phewz!!! That skinny videographer is good! Lol

Two more weddings for the month of December! Helppppp! Never-ending DIET leh!!! Zzzzz


  1. oooh... Now then I know Elaine was a popular blogger.. Lolz! She was my sister's BFF. Lolz! She's so damn funny and 38 char bor! Hahahhaha!!

  2. Small world indeed. I was introduced to her blog when I was very young, that time she was still with SIA. Yeah, funny swee char bor, so pretty in real life!


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