Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat

Another fantastic item intro-ed by E-ling. She's so pro in all these (and accessories) and she's so friendly, kind and helpful, always the first person that came to my mind when I need any advises. She always share good stuff with me one, so grateful to her! =)

But she bought it from a push cart and the price is 4 times this amount. So when I saw this offer on Qoo10, 'mai tu liao', immediately clicked 'BUY', lol. 

Don't hate me, I'm just helping you all to shop wisely. I buy to trial and error then intro all the good ones to you all, better than you all anyhow buy right? =X

It comes with batteries and 4 extra sponges.

Hmm, first time trying it today... 

Well, the VDL CC Cream is good on it's own, coverage is damn good & very smooth finish. I cannot resist and went to buy the full size already. (Had a chat with Michelle last night and she also said that VDL CC Cream is very very good!) 

Enprani helps to achieve a even more smoother and even finish. I'm supposed to put the cream on my face instead of the sponge but I don't wanna dirty my hand lah. (Okay, I'm lazy to wash my hand, haha!)

P/S : Found another usage; it helps to massage our eye area when using it.  

BUT, my face is rotting now. So, no matter how good the coverage is, I still see the spots there, DAMN. HATE HATE HATE IT, gimme back my clear complexion please! I want flawless skin!!! 

Sorry, no mood to take photos now! Sibei depressed and emo.


  1. Hahaha good thing must share mah, hope you really find it good to use!
    But looking at the price you bought...so angry lol~~

    1. But not everyone think this way wor... Some people dislike to share one... But u are always so helpful. You have a nice heart! :)

      Hanor. The push cart jack up so many times the amount lo. If I'm u, I'll be super angry!!!!


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