Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feng Shui Inn AGAIN!

Woke up so reluctantly with bodyaches all over, why huh? I don't remember doing "exercise" yesterday??? Lol

ZY mentioned about dim sum in my dreamy mode and I suddenly become wide awake, "okay, let's go for dim sum nearby"! 

I was only thinking to go Ah Yat at Bird park there since it's nearby! But on a second thought, actually their dim sum not nice & expensive. 

ZY suggested to go Feng Shui Inn @ RWS cos last week, he didn't has the chance to try and I kept raving to him about it. So we went lor... In my tee & short, haven bathe, haven wash face, only brushed my teeth nia! How cool am I!!! 

Rare sight of the two kids wanna let him carry & hold hand, so must take a photo! 

My two super babies!!! =D 

Didn't take photo of every dish cos I was busy eating??? Hahaha! I said I want to feast today, so I did! Very happy so I gave them a treat! We ordered so much but we can't finish, end up packing some home! 

Ate too much, felt so sleepy, went home and zzz all the way till 5pm. ZY said the food has some sleeping potion, that's why all so sleepy! HAHAHAHA 

It's time to zzz again, NOW. Woohoo! Life's great! :) 

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