Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy 31st, Uncle Ho!

Date : 9th November 2013, Saturday

Nothing fanciful or exciting, brought the kids to find him for dinner nia, at somewhere near his workplace. It's a very very last minute decision cos he isn't sure what time he can knock off. As you can see, my girls really LOVE wearing this Superman now. They choose their own clothes lor, I've no say, unless got important occasions! LOL

Getting more and more expensive lor!!! 

Bought him a gift and treated him to lunch and dinner on that day. He said, "once in a blue moon only". Hahaha, better than nothing right? We seldom go/eat out now what! With kids around, it's almost impossible to have a nice & quiet meal & we don't even think about "dating" anymore. Everything is about kids, kids and only kids. 

In life, we always have to adapt and accept changes, agree? There's no such thing as fairy tale lor! Sacrifices have to be made to maintain marriage/relationship.

Sidetrack : Watch too many lovey dovey dramas certainly makes one damn emo, hahahahah! I re-watched 海派甜心 over the weekend. Show Luo........................ OMG! Also completed that cute Korean show 'Hooray for Love' liao! Thanks to reader Linna who gave me the link! Haha! 

Today, I'm supposed to meet up with the photographer, the one who will help me to take beautiful photos to revamp my blog. But, something really funny happened, beautiful mis-communication I should say, lolol. So, appointment changed to tomorrow. I think I'll feel really paiseh if I see him tomorrow, hahaha! 

Thank you, Splash Media (Fidelis & all the sponsors), for everything! Appreciated. 


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    1. Lol, I'm flattered. But I'm nowhere near to "famous" yet. Very thankful to Splash Media lah, they are the one grooming me up! :)

    2. keke... jia you jia you!!!! you are doing a great job as a blogger ~

    3. Ahhhh, thank u Sera! U leh? Still blogging???

    4. Really!! Can I have your blog link again? :)

    5. Okay, just linked to your blog through my Nuffnang page. Will be reading your blog, update more yeah!

    6. *puzzle* how do u link through nuffnang? keke

    7. I clicked below on the "nuffnangers who read my blog" icon below the page. :)


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