Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Joanne-says FB Page

Hello all, this is a very thick-skinned post, please don't vomit hor! Hahaha 

Heeded my SIL's advice to set up a FB page for my blog. Get it clear ah, it's for my blog, not for myself hookay! (I was telling her, "what if nobody "like", then it's super paiseh leh!" But I decided to go ahead with it, nobody like also nvm lor, I like myself can liao! LOL)

Cos I get readers adding me on FB very very often, but I've decided to keep my FB really personal now, for my own circles of friends. But don't worry, those that I've already added (and did not delete during the last major "spring cleaning"), I won't delete lah.

I think I'll update more on this page than my personal FB cos I think my friends got sick of me & my kids' photos liao, lolol. In future, all short updates (too short for blog post; videos & photos) will be posted there!!

This is the funny part, there's no "blogger", what should I put? I don't wanna put myself as a "public figure" cos I'm not, neither am I all the above stated. HAHAHAH! So how? "Entertainer" suits me best right? I write to entertain you guys!

Ok now, I'm gonna be super buay paiseh...

Please go and "like" leh, thank you very much!!! 

P/S : Will hold another Giveaway once it reaches 80 likes! =D


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