Friday, November 8, 2013

Meimei's Vaccination - Nov 13

Seriously, I don't understand why are there so many vaccinations for children now. I don't remember going for so many injections when I was young? Many vaccinations = kids healthier mah?

$120 gone again today. But seeing how little Xuan Xuan cope with her injection really make me laugh. The doctor (their regular doctor went for holiday so it's another one) was so gan chiong, she said Meimei will definitely struggle hard cos she saw how active she is, asked two nurse + me to help to "catch" Meimei.

End up? Meimei didn't move, didn't even make any sound, at all (as usual, since baby). Still can laugh and walk around happily, like nothing happened, they were surprised. Doctor said I'm a very lucky mum cos she's an easy kid! =D She'll only hum-bao when I leave her sight lah, other than that, she don't really cry lor.

Eating the 马蹄粟 her confinement aunty (金姐) bought for us recently. She kept nagging cos I collect it after one month, lol. Very yumz leh! Meimei loves to eat traditional food, like rice, porridge and such? Eat like my ah ma, lolol. 

Meimei was so happy that she's going for injection. Her dad refused to wake up, she went to call him, "爸爸, 起来, 带我去打针". Like can't wait lor. First time I met such a funny little fellow, skin super thick, don't even feel anything one. 

I'm never lonely with them around, that's why I'm happy, everyday.

ZY's birthday tomorrow, no plans yet, how?

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