Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[1st] Pink Nail Studio


18th November 2013; I made my first visit to Pink Nail Studio, which is my nails sponsor for a year. Located along Jurong West St 41, a little cosy pink shop which catches the attention of many becos everything is pretty in pink! Love the pink comfortable chair the most lah! Anyway, my contract is supposed to start on 1st December de, but remember my broken hallux nail?

So I seek help from the cute pretty boss (Esther) as I need to have pretty nails for photoshoot lah. She is really very nice cos she refused to charge me even when I insisted to pay (cos my contract not started yet mah). 

Sidetrack : Really leh, 我不认老不行咯, all the girls out there so young and capable now!!! 

I really really like how Esther handled my nails; fast, swift, careful & professional. She took less than one hour to fix my finger nails - soak & remove previous gelish, file and shape, remove cuticles & apply new gelish. (No choice, cos photographer requested a change of color!) Also, I like her straight forward attitude, like if the color not suitable/nice, she will say directly. I likey!!! 

Then another pretty girl, Huizhen did my toes. So all in all, everything was done in less than 1 hour 30 mins. Super duper fast lah!

Latest colors! Nice hor!

The photographer requested for a pink shade but not blink blink type. We both agreed on this color coincidentally. Esther also suggested this color! Nice hor? By the way, can you see that one of my hallux nail is fake??? It's so fitting till I swear nobody can see it's fake!

LOVE how vibrant this color this! My wallet and card holder both in this color too! =)

(Aiya, I'm trying to cover up my irritating pimple!! Damn, why recently keep popping pimple??? Too excited or what!!! LOL)

Used to think that Jurong doesn't have any reliable nail salon which I like, the ones I visited before are either too slow or too expensive. You see, it doesn't have to be branded or posh to "let" one feel that you're good. I don't believe in all these especially after I met with the "Wax in the ccb" incident, if you know ah, lol. 

I'd prefer a small cosy shop with 1-1 service @ reasonable price. (Don't have to wait and wait and wait and wait lor and pocket won't have a big hole!) And now, I finally found one which I really like. Nope, it's not becos of the sponsorship, nothing to do with it, I personally like this nail salon & the girls there lah (all of them very friendly & 健谈). Even if there's no sponsorship and I happened to find this nail salon, I'll also love & recommend them! Now, I feel that I'm so so so lucky! =D (I know I'm not young anymore lor!) 

So, girls who are staying in Jurong kampung like me, you know where you can go and fix your nails now. I assured that you won't regret! Guarantee + chop ah! 

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
 : 9227 7000 (Esther)


  1. The colour look so nice and so near my home. I do agreed not easy to find a good nail salon at Jurong neighboring area. Your legs so pretty x :D

    1. Yah, I didn't know about this shop before, and the rest I visited before in Jurong doesn't impress me much at all, next time u can go and try them out. My legs not pretty ah, is the color chio chio, very vibrant! Anyway, I invited u to their page on fb already! =D


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