Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Poh Cheu Handmade Kueh

So I finally met up with the photographer just now. No idea who the hell pulled a prank on us yesterday? And still got the cheek to message me today? Wtf? (It's damn hilarious I tell you!)

Went for another (work) appointment then drove around SG, thinking what to buy back for my mum to eat. I love driving around alone, with no time limit and destination.

And this is my impromptu destination for today. Anyone knows this stall too? 

Apparently, they do not have any other branches, ONLY ONE IN SINGAPORE. There will always be queue no matter what time, this shows how yummy it is! I saw Elvin Ng's photo there, heehee. 

算盘子; fell for it the first time I ate months ago.

Soon Kueh; mum's favorite.

And their most popular Ang Ku Kueh in assorted flavors. 

I really really LOVE buying food, and I'm really generous towards food! Even if I don't get to eat them, I buy for people to eat, I will also feel happy. Yes, that's where most of my money goes to; FOOD! 

Just asked my mum to stitch up my mouth so that I will stop eating, lolol! Totally lost control after the wedding, haha! Cannot cannot, left 2 weeks for me to diet for photoshoot!!! :( 

Address : 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150127
Tel : 62762287
Operating Hours : Mon - Sat ~ 08:00 - 18:00


  1. Is this e famous stall located @ Alexander mkt there de? Opp is a open car park nearby got like car repair industrial?

    1. Ya ya ... Alot of people wan!!

    2. Always wanted to to try last time.but now no chance cuz I moved v far fr there le.

      Oh ya did u mention y u taking photoshoot ah? For advertorial or juz personal wish?

    3. Ask your hb buy for u! Heehee

      For my blog revamp de... :)

  2. Oh... Okie.
    Nah... My hb not tt gd to buy all e way n he has no car aso. To him, food is food unless super cmi food. If juz ask him buy Akk fr there, he will reply, their Akk got gold till need go there buy?

    1. Guys!!! Hahah ZY also the same lor, unless he got cravings for it....


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