Thursday, November 7, 2013

Raeann's PCF Graduation Concert 2013

We got married becos of her, we stay together becos of her as well. She's the pillar of our marriage; Raeann, the big baby.

Today, it's one of her important day, it's part of her milestone, she's graduating from the Kindergarden. 

The husband, no matter how "busy" he is, he will be most willing to attend it. Parents showing support, the kids will be very happy!!! 

We were supposed to reach by 7pm, but at 6:15pm, it's so crowded already. Don't wish to be late, so we skipped dinner to buy photographs & get good seats!

Photographs @ $2.20 per piece and DVD @ $22! 'Jin gui ah' 

Luckily got these to curb our hunger for awhile. The concert ended at 9pm! $2 per tic, super worth leh! 

Just fooling around, lol! 

Start liao...

As what I posted on FB, everything feels so surreal. Time flies! 

Hereby, I thank all her teachers for loving & guiding her. Thank them for all the patience despite all the troubles she has given to them.

(She last minute wanna withdraw from the concert lor, cos she complained tired. As those who are performing has to go school earlier for practices & rehearsals! So her teacher negotiated with her lah, she need not go for practices for the last 1-2 weeks. Sibei dua bai ah!)

Really grateful to all of them! :) 

Sooooo many people cos there were a few schools combined. It was a huge mess when they dismissed the children. Everyone was searching high & low for our own kid. 

ZY said Raeann was the one who found him. So he asked how she managed to do so cos it's really very messy. Her reply, "我 spot 到你的红头发啦, 这么 stylo". HAHAHAHA

 It's an ultra busy week for us - vaccination tomorrow morning, P1 orientation on Saturday morning + ZY's birthday & Alexis's advanced birthday celebration on Sunday (bought her an Ukulele as per her request). 

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