Monday, November 25, 2013

Shop till we drop Sunday!

Date : 24th November 2013, Sunday
Venue : Vivo City

How much she has grown, already fitting well in jiejie's 3/4 years old dress!! My jiejie is so petite, which I like!!! My mum said petite ladies won't look old one, I kinda agree!! IMHO, it's a blessing to be able to look younger than your actual age! :) So Meimei ah, please please please don't grow too tall/big sized har! Haha #justsaying #pleasedonottakeittooserious

Finally gave in... Insisted to make a trip to JP to buy this first!!! Been thinking about it... Lol! 

Then after that, we went Vivo cos the husband wanna get shoes from Pedro. Sometimes I wish I can be like him, cos he don't buy more than 3 pairs of shoes a year! One pair of slipper match EVERY outfits! Hahaha

He promised the kids to buy them X'mas present! Too early but we seldom go out now so I agreed lor! "Choose your own toys", the kids were overjoyed! 

She chosen this at first. Then we saw this...

Okay, she's done. Now jiejie's turn...

HAHAHAHA, no lah she never buy these! 

ZY at first wanna buy the Lambo remote set for her but I told him that's too waste of money cos she won't play for long... Then we went to walk around again, jiejie chosen a sling bag in the end. That monopoly is for Chloe, her birthday is this Sunday! 

Saw this interesting ice cream machine at the entrance! Quite fun as we can customise our own ice cream with many layers of toppings at $4.00 but the ice cream taste so-so only! (Uploaded the video on FB page liao! Please go and "like" that page as the updates I posted there, might not be posted here.)

Meimei can't see properly so jiejie carried her. Quite surprised that jiejie got strength lo as they don't weigh much difference! 

The husband went to smoke so it's play time for them! 

When they don't fight, they can be really sweet. But they must fight everyday!!!

While waiting for jiejie to buy her jeans at Cotton On, only food can make her sit still!!

Passed by this shop which sell beautiful kids apparel but it's really ex! Saw one dress at $60++, immediately hang it back! Until we saw the rack of dresses at 50% off... So I bought each of them a dress, for CNY! 

Full of stuffs but nothing is mine... It's just too difficult to shop with them, so I'd rather not shop for myself! Now you know why I've to get everything online! 

Settled our dinner here cos I heard so much rave about it... 

But it's a bad choice! Bad service + mischievous kid, totally spoil my eating mood. She spilled many things many times! -,- (See how mischievous she can be!!!) 

Sometimes hor, I feel really hard to be a mum, kids nowadays are too hard to discipline. When you lecture them in public, they will cry out loud (and vomit) and disturb everyone. Then when you just give in, they will be deemed as "spoilt". Then how? I smacked Meimei's thigh so many times and kept her on my laps to prevent her from running around. Luckily she never cry, but she kept struggling. And that's extra turn off, can't enjoy at all!

Moreover, they gave us only one and half hour to eat! What a bad first impression, don't think I'll go back there again, neither ZY...

Pattern and price wise similar to Hai Di Lao, but service 差很远! 

Suddenly receive a call from my dad said he's back from Hatyai, asked us to go and pick him. I was so shocked so I called my mum immediately. Then I was told that actually I'm the one who booked the air ticket for him to return yesterday! Hahahahaha! But I totally forgot about it liao!

Serious leh, I even told ZY "don't know why my dad suddenly call me leh". He asked, "he come back liao issit?". I still say, "no lah, I booked one way for him leh, he don't intend to come back liao mah".  Yah, he booked the return flight separately. That's how bad my memory is now. Jialat! 

Ultra small minions at $8 each! What a waste of money!!! No idea why ZY bought this lor! (I was outside else I confirm stop him one!)

Well, the husband said he will pay me back the VDL (as X'mas present) but on a condition that I've to treat him to Jpot! Any diff lidat? =.=

Oh yah, I postponed my photoshoot to Wednesday noon liao cos I checked my canimal diary that I'll "lai ang" yesterday. The photographer said, "maybe will delay leh, where got so 准 one!". I told him, "confirm won't delay, if delay means die liao!" Lolol

AND I'M SPOT ON. Haha, I know myself too well. Since young, I've been super 准 kind, will be early but won't be late, will come extra but won't miss. If late/miss means tio jackpot liao! That's why when I got preggy, I found out very early! 

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